Breastfeeding Pole Dancer: Ashley Wright Pole Dances While Breastfeeding Toddler Daughter

A breastfeeding pole dancer is no stranger to gaining attention for including her daughter in the activity. She started pole dancing eight years ago, but things got interesting when she became pregnant with Shannon four years ago. Ashley Wright was pole dancing when she was 6 months pregnant, and continued when she was breastfeeding.

Wright posted a video a few days ago, which depicts her babywearing and breastfeeding while she dances. The Facebook video she posted has over 2.6 million views.

The breastfeeding pole dancer spoke with the Huffington Post about why she breastfeeds while pole dancing. Wright explains that she never intended to pole dance while nursing, but she said her daughter finds comfort being at her breast… not just as food source, but for comfort.

Wright says “as a breastfeeding child, Shannon just loves to center there,” she said. “[My breast] not just her food/immunity source, it’s a place of comfort, a place of connection and a place of trust.”

Ashley Wright and her daughter toddler daughter, Shannon (Photo Credit: Ashley Wright/Instagram).
Ashley Wright and her daughter toddler daughter, Shannon. [Photo by Ashley Wright/Instagram]
Wright shares that babywearing gives her freedom to remain active in pole dancing while taking care of her daughter. In the videos, the mother is surprisingly agile and well-balanced in her routines while Shannon is attached to her via a sling.

“When she wants to dance with me, I always attempt to place her on my back as it allows me to do more moves than if she is on my front or side,” she said. “Yet 98 percent of the time, the reason why she is on me is because she wants to nurse and would rather not wait. And the thing is, I would rather not stop what I am doing to nurse her. If I always stopped what I wanted to do to nurse Shannon, I would never get anything done; especially if it is taking the time to achieve fitness goals and do things that pour into me, for my rejuvenation, for my balance.”

The breastfeeding pole dancer adds that it can be tiring trying to tend to Shannon’s needs while dancing, but it’s rewarding.

“The experience of being able to do an act and live a life that demonstrates strength, balance, sensuality, nurturing, motherhood, power, grace, divine femininity, and then some, all at once, is freeing,” she continued. “It’s my #blackgirlmagic.”

Ashley Wright also teaches dance classes and hopes to serve as a mentor to other moms who want to express themselves artistically. She reveals that she’s had reactions of all sorts when it comes to being a breastfeeding pole dancer. She said it’s been everything from support and anger to inspiration and jealousy.

Ashley Wright loves to include her daughter, Shannon, when she pole dances (Ashley Wright/Instagram)
Ashley Wright loves to include her daughter, Shannon, when she pole dances [Photo by Ashley Wright/Instagram]
Ashley says she likes to post videos of her pole dancing so she can share her experience with others.

“I hope that people get a clear look, an awareness of whats inside them, of what resonates with them when they watch Shannon and me,” she said. “I hope that they are able to take moments to acknowledge that and either question or embrace it.”

This breastfeeding pole dancer hopes that other mothers view her as a “reflection of joy, of love, of freedom and all that is good in our world and in them. She prays that “mothers meet me and see the beauty and strength of them, of us as awesome women. And I hope that no mother continues in life, not feeling supported, loved, adored, and great.”

The most recent video Ashley Wright posted onto Facebook that is getting a lot of attention can be viewed here.

Ashley has made quite a name for herself as a babywearing and breastfeeding pole dancer. She has a huge following and many women find her inspirational as she continues her passion without sacrificing the needs of her daughter.

[Photo by Ashley Wright/Instagram]

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