‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valerie Battles, Dante Scrambles, Kristina Comes Clean, And Jason Connects With Jake

What is coming up on Monday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers tease that there will be big moments ahead related to Valerie while there is a big discussion coming for Jason and Jake. Johnny has left Valerie alone in the cabin, and she is in serious danger. Will she manage to escape before it is too late?

The last that viewers saw, Johnny had escalated completely out of control, and he had Valerie gagged and tied up in a remote cabin. He left the cabin, and as Valerie tried to free herself, a candle fell over and a fire started. General Hospital spoilers tease that the fire will grow quickly, and nobody but Lulu really knows that Valerie is in any danger at this point.


As She Knows Soaps indicates, this is a truly life-threatening situation for Valerie and she will be desperate to get out of the cabin before it is too late. From the sounds of things, this situation will carry over into Tuesday’s show. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Valerie will piece things together about Johnny and his motives, it seems, plus Johnny will be nabbed before he can get out of town.

Also ahead on Monday’s show, General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry share that Jordan and Dante will be sorting through what they know, using the newly-discovered photos to fill in some of the gaps. It seems they will put together a theory about what it all means, but will it be enough to lead them to rescue Valerie?

Apparently, Dante and Jordan will bring in Bobbie for a chat, and this may pave the way to some answers. Bobbie is rather stuck in the middle when it comes to Valerie and Lulu, so will she tell Dante everything she knows? Will Lulu end up in a heap of trouble for having initiated this plan with Johnny?

Things have been very tense and complicated for Jason, Sam, and Elizabeth since his real identity was revealed, and there is more on that front in Monday’s show. Sam went to talk with Jason and found Liz in his suite, and that obviously will rub Sam the wrong way. General Hospital spoilers detail that the three will be struggling in Monday’s show with this current situation.

This episode has some time with Kristina and her family, as well. Alexis and Sonny will gather with Kristina to have a celebratory dinner before Kristina heads back to school. As viewers know, however, Kristina is having some challenges with her studies and she has been hiding that from her parents.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Sam will soon show up, and Alexis and Sonny will be picking up on the fact that Kristina is hiding something. From the sounds of things, Kristina will open up to Sam about what has been going on, but will she tell the full truth?

At some point in Monday’s show, Jason and Jake will have a discussion about all that has been happening. Many suspect that Jake has been behind many of the creepy situations that have scared Liz over the past few weeks and had her relying on Jason for support. Jake’s drive to push his parents together, and his distaste for Sam, is going to be escalating in the episodes to come, and things are about to get very complicated from the sounds of things.

How will Valerie get to safety and how will Johnny get caught? What comes next for Sam, Liz, Jason, and Jake? There is plenty more drama on the way, and General Hospital fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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