‘The Flash’ Spoilers: What To Expect From Earth-2 And Diggle And Lyla’s Trip To Central City

The Flash returns from its winter hiatus this week, and there’s plenty coming up in the second half of Season 2 to get fans excited. As has been teased already in a trailer, there is a trip to Earth-2 coming up. Plus, a couple of Arrow characters will be stopping by for a visit to help the team deal with a problem they have already this season.

First, there’s confirmation of something glimpsed and teased in the look ahead at The Flash Season 2.

In the promo, it looks like Barry, Cisco, and Harry are headed to Earth-2 with the warning, “Up is down. Black is white. Do not get distracted by anything you see along the way.”

Barry seems to get a look at CCPD over there, and he and Iris may be closer than they are on his Earth — or at least close enough to know that the Barry in front of her may not be hers, judging by the way she’s looking at him. And, of course, there’s Killer Frost.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told Entertainment Weekly that Killer Frost and Deathstorm (Robbie Amell is back as Earth-2’s Ronnie Raymond, as had previously been reported) aren’t the only surprises coming up, especially if you start thinking about how different some of the doppelgangers may be.

“Some of these people are beyond different. What’s so interesting is that you’ve got Wells, who is probably the most similar to himself – the one that we saw last year and this one. They seem different until you start seeing the crazy differences between all of our other cast members.”

For example, don’t just assume that Joe is going to be with the police on Earth-2.

The Flash's Earth 2
What is Earth-2’s Iris and Barry’s relationship? [Image via the CW]

As for the fact that it looks like Earth-2 Barry and Iris are together, all Kreisberg said was, “I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true.”

David Ramsey and Audrey Marie Anderson of Arrow
Arrow’s Diggle and Lyla will be guest starring on The Flash. [Image via the CW]

Also coming up in the second half of The Flash Season 2 is a trip to Central City for two Arrow characters: Diggle and Lyla. After David Ramsey posted a photo of himself visiting The Flash’s writers’ room, ComicBook.com reported that Diggle would in fact be crossing over – and he’s not alone. His wife is joining him, for Episode 215, to help Barry and his team deal with King Shark after the villain’s escape rom A.R.G.U.S.

Kreisberg told EW that he pitched ideas to Greg Berlanti that tie into A.R.G.U.S. for the Suicide Squad angle so that Lyla and Diggle come to Central City to get him.

“We get to see them having a lot of fun,” the EP teased, and considering Diggle’s reaction to Barry’s speed, whatever he has to say about King Shark will probably be memorable and quotable.

As for any fans hoping for more smaller crossovers like that later in the current seasons of Arrow and The Flash, unfortunately, Kreisberg went on to say that they are no “definitive plans for them.”

Speaking of crossovers for characters, there’s always DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the team compromised of characters who have appeared on both Arrow and The Flash. Considering it’s a show about time travel, presumably no one should actually be missing for any significant amount of time from their hometowns.

As executive producer Greg Berlanti acknowledged to TVLine, “They’re supposed to becoming back to when they left, but obviously that ain’t gonna happen.”

However, that doesn’t mean that either show will acknowledge the characters missing either, which has a bit to do with scheduling, the EP went on to explain.

“Were all the shows to have started at the same time [in the fall], that would be something we spend a lot of brainpower thinking about – like, how and when might we figure out ways to intersect some of these characters. But they’re off on their mission, [away] from the timeline as our [Arrow/Flash] characters are experiencing it right now.”

The Flash Season 2 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

[Image via the CW]

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