Montana city backs off of requiring Facebook passwords as job requirement

Remember a couple days ago when I passed along the news about Bozeman, Montana, requiring job applicants to had over their usernames and passwords as part of their job application?

Well according to a post on Ars Technica by Jacqui Cheng the city fathers of Bozeman have backed down from that requirement. The city announced (pdf) in a meeting at the beginning of the week that as of June 19th that it would stop the practice and the city web site would be updated with the information regarding this within 30 days.

GOING FORWARD: We will no longer be looking at password?protected internet information for job candidates. With the assistance of our recently hired City Attorney, we recommend scheduling a Policy Meeting (within 30 days) for an update on city hiring procedures. This will include a discussion regarding the appropriate level of screening for public safety pre?employment background checks.

This was an honest mistake. Human Resources, our Police and Fire Departments were doing something they believed was consistent with our core values. I take full responsibility for this decision and we will work hard to regain the trust and confidence of the City Commission and our community.

Source: PDF file of city meeting

As stupid as the idea was in the first place it is good to see that this in charge stepped back and re-thought the situation.

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