Duggar Family Attends March For Life At Arkansas State Capital, Anna Duggar Also Shows Up Amidst Pregnancy Rumors

The 38th annual March For Life rally was held at the Arkansas state capital on Sunday. Thousands came out to support their stance on abortion, including the Duggar family. This is certainly not the first time the reality stars have stepped out in at an event like this. However, it has been rarer this past year since the Josh Duggar scandal has hit their family.

Of course, the Duggars would never miss an opportunity that gives them the platform to speak out against abortion. They have made it quite clear how they feel about this topic, and that goes for the entire Duggar family as well.

Jim Bob and Michelle sent out a post, along with some photos, on their official Facebook page of their whole family participating in this pro-life event in Little Rock.

“Our family had a great time today at the annual Arkansas Right to Life Pro-Life March in Little Rock! Every child is a beautiful creation of God!”

There is also a news report on the March For Life rally by THV11 that shows a quick view of Jana and Jinger Duggar walking by the camera. Jim Bob and Michelle are also seen chatting with other pro-life advocates.

This is actually the second time in a week that the Duggar family has been seen out in a very public forum. As reported by the Daily Mail, the Duggars attended the Republican debate last Thursday night. The couple is in full support of Mike Huckabee and were there to lend him their support. Their past history in politics will most likely bring the Duggar family out more this year at a public event like this as the presidential election comes closer.

Pro-life signs such as this one held in Arkansas. (Photo by Olivier Douliery/Getty Images)
Pro-life signs such as this one held by pro-lifers in Arkansas. [Photo by Olivier Douliery/Getty Images]

Huckabee made headlines in Iowa right before this debate going on a rant after a woman asked him how he could be associated with the Duggar family after the whole Josh scandal. It was obviously a touchy subject for the former Arkansas governor as he scolded the woman.

“You come in here to confront me, which is fine, but you cannot abuse, which is what you’re doing, the reputation of a godly family who had been through hell because a son of theirs, one of their many children, did something evil and sinful that nobody is backing up and supporting.”

He went on to talk about how the media had abused the Duggar girls, who were victims of their brother Josh. He said that the girls were exploited by the media for their own purposes. It sounds like the presidential hopeful has their back, and the family in return gives him their support as well.

Mike Huckabee defends the Duggars. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Mike Huckabee defends the Duggars. [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

In the Facebook pictures shared by the Duggar family of the pro-life rally, the controversial parents are seen posing in front of the state capital together and taking photos with a couple of young girls. There are also various snapshots taken of the rest of the Duggar family, including Jessa, Ben, and baby Spurgeon. Anna Duggar also attended the rally with the rest of the family.

This is the first time that Anna has been seen in public since the rumors of her being pregnant with her fifth child have surfaced. Apparently, she and Josh had quite the reunion at the rehab center where her scandalous husband has been seeking treatment. She had a visit with him over the holidays, but whether she is really pregnant or not remains a mystery. According to a report by Radar Online, a child was conceived on an overnight visit between the reality couple.

Of course, until anything is officially announced, this remains just a rumor. Many will be scrutinizing this recent photo of Anna to determine whether she could really be pregnant once again.

Fans of the Duggar family may have their favorite reality show back on TLC as well. Word has it that a camera crew has been seen recently following them around and filming here and there. According a previous report by the Inquisitr, a film crew was seen filming the reality stars in Arkansas. Does this mean that a new TLC show is a go? Devoted fans are hoping that this is indeed not just another rumor.

Who will create the next pitter-patters of baby feet in the Duggar family?

[Photo by AP Photo/Ted Richardson]

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