Anna Duggar Attends March For Life: Anti-Choice Activist Isn’t As Outspoken As She Used To Be

Anna Duggar has been sleeping in the girls’ dorm at the Duggar house in Arkansas for the past five months, which is a major downgrade from the life she led when she lived in Washington, D.C., with her husband and children. Josh and Anna Duggar once scored invites to glitzy fundraisers and other political events, where they rubbed elbows with some pretty powerful people. However, Anna Duggar doesn’t seem to get out much these days, and when she does, she’s usually accompanied by a protective posse of in-laws.

Anna Duggar recently accompanied her husband’s parents and siblings to the March for Life rally in front of the Arkansas State Capitol building in Little Rock. The Duggars joined thousands of other anti-choice marchers at the annual event, which was led by Governor Asa Hutchinson. On the Duggar Family Official Facebook page, the Duggars revealed that they had fun protesting abortion at the march.

“Our family had a great time today at the annual Arkansas Right to Life Pro-Life March in Little Rock!” the Duggars wrote. “Every child is a beautiful creation of God!”

In a photo shared by Duggar family friend Joe Donaldson, Anna Duggar can be seen wearing a red coat and marching with her son Michael.

Anna Duggar At The March For Life
Anna Duggar spends more time with her in-laws at the March for Life in Arkansas [Image via Joe Donaldson/Instagram]

In a second photo, Anna Duggar stands with her in-laws and a few of their friends on the State Capitol steps. She’s no longer wearing the red jacket, which has been given to one of the cold little kids (possibly her daughter Mackynzie).

Anna Duggar Against Abortion
Anna Duggar and her in-laws protest a woman’s right to choose [Image via Duggar Family Official Facebook]

Anna Duggar hasn’t posted anything about the March for Life on any of her social media accounts, which she pretty much abandoned back in August after she found out that her husband had cheated on her. However, Anna used to use her Twitter and Instagram pages to express her anti-choice views quite often. According to E! News, Anna stirred up controversy last February when she tried to hijack Black History Month to promote her anti-choice message. However, Anna Duggar didn’t use her own words to do so – she simply shared the tweet below.

Anna Duggar also celebrated Joseph Duggar’s birthday with an anti-choice Instagram post. In the photo below, she and Joseph are wearing shirts that read, “I Survived Roe vs. Wade, Roe vs. Wade Will Not Survive Me.”

Anna Duggar And Joseph Duggar Promote Anti-Choice Message
Anna Duggar and Joseph Duggar’s Roe vs. Wade T-shirts [Image via Anna Duggar/Instagram]

It’s possible that Anna Duggar won’t be quite as outspoken about her political views now that her husband no longer has a job in politics. According to ET Online, Josh Duggar resigned from his position with the Family Research Council (FRC) last May after admitting to sexually molesting his younger sisters as a teenager. A few months later, Josh admitted to being unfaithful to Anna and suffering from a pornography addiction. FRC President Tony Perkins responded to Josh’s cheating confession by slamming Josh for engaging in “deceitful behavior” and “not living with integrity.”

It might be hard for some to believe that Josh Duggar was an FRC darling around this time last year. According to the Gospel Herald, he and Anna Duggar attended the March for Life in Washington, D.C., which is much larger than the March for Life in Arkansas. At a pre-march pep rally, Josh spoke about his desire to “defend the sanctity of human life.”

Anna Duggar’s husband is not in any of the family photos taken at this year’s March for Life in Arkansas, so Josh is likely still serving time in “Jesus jail.” According to Radar Online, this is the name given to Reformers Unanimous by those who have spent time studying the Bible at the faith-based recovery center in Rockford, Illinois. Josh shipped off to Reformers shortly after he admitted to being unfaithful to Anna and suffering from a pornography addiction. He’ll likely return home in February, but he doesn’t have a job to return home to now that he’s no longer working with the FRC.

Josh Duggar FRC
Josh and Anna Duggar at the 2014 March for Life [Image via Josh Duggar/Instagram]

Do you think Anna Duggar and her husband will jump right back into sharing their political views with the world after Josh gets home from Reformers?

[Image via TLC]

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