Why Harry Styles Is The Most Watched Man On The Planet

It’s pretty obvious that Harry Styles is the subject of a lot of scrutiny. Whether Harry-watchers are ogling his fit upper-body, scanning Harry-penned One Direction lyrics for clues about his life, enjoying his facial expression as he hits a high note and his hair sticks to his forehead in sweaty brunette criss-cross patterns, or scanning Kendall and Harry pictures for signs of “trouble in paradise,” Directioners and many others cannot get enough of Harry Styles.

For oglers (as opposed to those who take a strictly analytical interest in One Direction), the job of watching Harry and the boys is especially easy and rewarding when the guys are on tour. The One Direction guys even help fans out in this respect, often drenching one another with water so their clothing sticks to their bodies, ripping each others shirts open, and even pulling one another’s pants down. This happened to Harry in 2013, and the resulting GIF is close to many people’s hearts.

Harry has been treating admirers to regular views of his fit upper body since 2013, when he started wearing his shirts open to showcase his tanned chest and unique sparrow tattoos, but images of Harry’s legs are far rarer.

In the last five years a bunch of quizzes that claim to be able to guess your One Direction preference, or just assign you a label (“You are Louis Tomlinson” or “You are the Ziam bromance”) have sprung up. The 1D Mum Quiz on MaximumPop will tell you which One Direction mum you “are” after you answer a handful of questions. Other quizzes claim to be able to guess which 1D member is your favorite or which Made In The A.M. lyric you might identify with. People who are uncertain about whether they should grab Justin Bieber’s Purpose or One Direction’s Made In The A.M. at the January sales can do this handy quiz, which may have been helpful to Selena Gomez’s Instagram pal the night she notoriously dissed ex Bieber by throwing her support behind new beau Niall Horan’s album, as reported by Sugarscape.

But did you know that these nonsense-y, time-wasting quizzes can be eerily accurate? Just today, none other than Anne Twist, the mother of Harry Styles, revealed that she has done the 1d Mum Quiz…and it correctly guessed who she was.

So there you have it! One Direction quiz-makers are not messing around. These guys have really done their research far and beyond an analysis of Harry Styles’ tattoo placements and the topography of his fit body. The quiz creator at MaximumPop shows a startlingly accurate knowledge of the 1d families — questions cover such eclectic topics as makeup preference (contouring versus cat-eyeliner etc.), taste in cute baby outfits, weekend activity preferences and fashion must-haves.

If that’s not enough evidence for you, here’s a few more thoughts about why Harry Styles is probably the most watched man on the planet.

He’s made inroads into the world of fashion

Harry is not just a musician anymore, he’s becoming a fashion icon. That means twice as much media coverage — the pages of GQ, as well as the pages of People.

He had the most retweeted tweet of last year

Time Magazine reported that Harry came on top of the list for his “All the love” tweet, sent soon after Zayn Malik quit One Direction. The tweet from Harry seemed to signal that everything was going to be ok.

He’s dating a Kardashian/Jenner sister

If you add superfame to megafame the result is mega-super-fame and a lot of tabloid coverage, as we are already seeing. Every day the story about whether Harry is going to appear on Keeping Up With The Kardashians seems to change a bit, and every day new photos of Kendall and Harry on their yacht trickle to social media, as if to satiate a bottomless appetite.

His look is always changing

While Louis, Liam and Niall have made adjustments to their looks, Harry has made a number of truly abrupt swerves. Tabloids are always eager to grab the newest pictures of Harry, to see how his famous hair looks today and whether that new tattoo rumor checks out.

Also, Harry’s look has evolved the most since One Direction began, as this Glamour pictorial shows.

Is Harry Styles a media darling? Is he over-scrutinized?

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