Revelmode Is Coming: Brainchild Of PewDiePie And Disney’s Maker Studios

Revelmode is a new online network that is the brainchild of the incredibly popular YouTube presence PewDiePie – aka Felix Kjellberg – who is working with Disney’s Maker Studios.

Variety reports that Maker Studios and PewDiePie have been affiliated with each other since 2012 and apparently the new Revelmode initiative is because Maker Studios wants to keep Kjellberg under their umbrella. Executive VP and head of Maker Studios, Courtney Holt, has said they are happy to be working with Kjellberg on Revelmode.

“We’re thrilled to be doubling down with Felix. He is an amazing talent, a great partner and the pulse of millennial pop culture. We firmly believe in his vision for Revelmode and his chosen creators — we can’t wait to see the possibilities ahead.”

As for Kjellberg, he spoke about how he came up with the idea for Revelmode.

“I started as a gaming and digital-content fan long before making this a profession. The idea of Revelmode was built from my own experiences and will aim to bring together an Avengers-like talent squad to work and grow a business together.”

Revelmode will be accessible via a number of platforms online, such as Facebook and YouTube, and will be made up of video content and game development. What will be featured on Revelmode will run the gamut from philanthropy to commercial partnerships and everything in between. However, the very first thing on Revelmode will be an animated series that will have as characters PewDiePie and the creator partners.

PewDiePie has officially announced Revelmode.

He has also made the announcement on Twitter.

Re/Code has another way of describing Revelmode.

“Maker is helping Kjellberg create his own network, populated by people he thinks his fanbase will like. He’ll keep making his own gamer+comedy videos, and will help develop other talent, and they’ll make new projects together. And Maker/Disney will back the venture, and get a piece of the upside.”

BBC reports that Kjellberg has also said that Revelmode is a group effort to focus on everything that is important to fans.

“Together we will focus on creating – from one-off videos to original series to gamey games to animatoons, music, clothes, charity drives, and more – really anything that’s awesome in the eyes of the fans.”

As he tells BBC, the number of fans PewDiePie has is quite astounding to Kjellberg when he comes out from behind his computer and sees them in real life.

Since there have been times when YouTubers have been critical of networks in the past, Kjellberg is working to change that perception and introduce a network that people will really enjoy.

“I think networks can be something very positive for everyone involved, they should be something that helps channels on YouTube grow and reach their maximum potential.”

According to GizModo, the ultimate reason why Disney is backing Revelmode is so they can try to monetize online videos in some way and get YouTubers to help make that happen. The YouTubers that have been brought onboard thus far include CinnamonToastKen, Dodger, CutiePieMarzia, JackSepticEye, EmmaBlackery, Kwebbelkop, Jelly, and Markiplier.

GizModo makes a great point when it comes to the success of Revelmode. Should it succeed, it will bring Disney another step closer to owning all the media to which people have access. That might not be such a great thing.

It’s clear PewDiePie has a lot of fans, which is certainly going to help Revelmode get off the ground. Whether it will fly high enough to make Disney’s investment worthwhile is something only time will tell. At the very least, Kjellberg and his YouTube team have an interesting road ahead +of them as they continue to work with the Revelmode network.

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