‘Married At First Sight’ Season 3 Spoilers: Tres and Vanessa Last Couple Standing? Neil And David Frustrated With Wives

Married At First Sight season 3 episode 9, titled “Breaking Down Barriers” will see couples Tres and Vanessa, Neil and Sam, David and Ashley talk to an expert psychologist to discuss their communication issues.


According to the official synopsis for the upcoming episode of Marriage At First Sight season 3, some of the cast members were having problems talking to their respective spouses about certain problems.

“The couples work on communication with Dr. Joseph Cilona. Also: Neil struggles with Sam’s living arrangements; Vanessa has trouble with a fear of; and Ashley reveals her true feelings to David.”

In the promo video, it was revealed that Neil was not at all thrilled to be moving to Sam’s townhouse. He shared that with her roommate still living with them, it made him feel like was a guest in what was supposed to be their own place.

At one point, Sam and her roommate even left Neil in the kitchen to “Betty Crocker it up” while they head upstairs. This clearly left Neil stunned, wondering what just happened.


In the past episodes, Marriage At First Sight season 3 fans saw that Neil is not that comfortable in front of the camera. While he admitted that he tends to get a little nervous and camera shy, Sam thinks that he could put on a little more effort in order to make their marriage work.

In another teaser for Married at First Sight season 3, Vanessa’s mom was seen showing childhood photos to Tres. While she is clearly embarrassed to look at any of them, Tres seemed to be more than interested to get to know his wife better.

“Vanessa’s mom knows her daughter more than anybody,” said Tres.


In episode 8 titled “Intimacy Part 1,” Tres and Vanessa were able to prove to Married at First Sight season 3 viewers that they shared quite a connection. The two were able to answer questions about their sex life without that much hesitation with help from Dr. Logan Levkoff.

Vanessa seemed surprised that they were able to answer such personal questions with ease. She added that it made them feel closer towards each other.

On the other hand, Ashley will reportedly reveal her true feelings towards David in Married At First Sight season 3 episode 9. Ashley admitted that in spite of David’s effort, she just does not see a romantic connection between them. Unlike Tres and Vanessa who had no problems talking about their sex life on TV, Ashley got extremely uncomfortable doing the fishbowl exercise. David tried to make light of the situation but Ashley just ended up getting even more frustrated.

Dr. Logan told the couple that they needed to work on communicating more. Although Ashley felt that their marriage is not working out, David still believes that she is the perfect wife for him. Ashley later told David how she appreciates his efforts and vows to try harder.

“I know that we were matched for a reason, and I’m still not giving up, despite the fact that the connection’s still not there.”

David also told the camera that he is slowly falling in love with his wife. Although there are moments when he feels doubtful of their future together, David thinks that she is the one for him.

“There’s times where I don’t think I like her, but there’s times where I know I’m falling in love with her,” he shared.

Married at First Sight season 3 episode 9 “Breaking Down Barriers” airs Tuesday, January 19 on FYI.

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