Scott Disick Threatens Suicide On New ‘KUWTK’

Tonight on a new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, things got pretty scary for Scott Disick, as he actually threatened suicide on the new episode. Radar Online shared how it all went down, and of course they left the episode with a cliffhanger, but everyone knows that Scott is just fine now. Kim Kardashian actually answered the phone and could hear Khloe and Scott talking to each other. Khloe has always been really close with Scott Disick even though he was dating Kourtney.

Khloe actually tried to call Kourtney when she got a call from Scott saying that he just couldn’t take it anymore, but Kourtney was on a flight and couldn’t answer her. Scott was crying hysterically, and Khloe couldn’t even understand everything he was saying. Kim said that they should call the police. Scott goes on in the phone conversation and it doesn’t sound good.

“I just can’t keep doing this without my family. I’ll never f*****g meet anybody more beautiful than her. I love her, but she doesn’t love me.”

Kris Jenner had to find out where Scott was and wanted to get someone over there to check up on him. Kim was crying listening to it all as Khloe explained to Scott that Kourtney does love him. Scott was saying that he wants his life to just be over. Scott Disick was in New York at the time, so nobody was able to just drive over to him. Kris was able to get a hold of Chris Reda, which is a friend of Scott’s, and he was going to go check on him. Kris Jenner explained that, if they couldn’t get into Scott’s room, they were to call 911 right away and get help over there for him.

Kris Jenner was very upset about it and shared that Scott Disick is like a son to her. Luckily Chris Reda was close enough to check on him. He shared with Kris that he has never heard Scott Disick that upset and crying like that, but everyone thinks that Scott needs to head home so his family is there for him.

Starcasm recently shared that the rumors are heating up that Scott Disick could end up heading back to rehab. Scott has been back out and hanging out at the clubs so that he can actually make some money by hosting these events. Sources say that Scott and Kourtney have talked about the fun that he is having in Vegas, and of course she wants him to be focused on being a good dad. While Scott was out in Las Vegas, Kourtney was at home with their three children.

Everyone is obviously worried about Scott Disick and wants to make sure that he is okay. Obviously, Scott made it through this hard time in his life, but hopefully things are still going well for him. Hopefully, Scott Disick is doing better now and has been able to move on with his life. Still no word on if Scott and Kourtney will find a way to make it work, but recently sources shared that Scott was getting help from Kris Jenner to win her back.

Are you shocked to hear that Scott Disick was considering killing himself? Hopefully everything is better now for Scott, but he is still working through things with Kourtney and these two are not even together right now. Don’t miss new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Sunday nights on E!, and sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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