White Castle Is Taking Reservations For Valentine’s Day

2016 marks the 25th anniversary of table-service Valentine’s Day dinners at White Castle, reported Time. To commemorate this milestone, this year’s Valentine’s Day menu will feature the restaurant’s iconic sliders, along with “Shrimp Nibblers, Strawberry and Cream Waffles and other noteworthy menu items,” according to a company press release.

White Castle is currently taking reservations for its 25th Annual Valentine’s Day dinner, which will be held from 3 to 9 p.m. Sunday, February 14, The special experience is designed to bring back a sense of nostalgia for customers who may have shared a first date at the restaurant, or who have fond memories of dining at White Castle with friends and family. According to Jamie Richardson, who serves as the company’s vice president, for some it goes even deeper.

Valentines’ Day has become a fun tradition for us. For many couples, White Castle holds a special place in their hearts. Many have fond memories of first dates here, some even met for the first time at a White Castle – and then there’s the few who shared their wedding vows among friends and family in our dining rooms.”

According to Time, the Valentine’s Day dinners at White Castle are special in part because customers order at the tables, which are adorned with red tablecloths and decorative centerpieces, instead of at the counter. Guests may choose between four specially designed Valentine’s Day meals, including a selection of different sliders and heart-shaped sprinkles on the waffles, for $9.95 each.

Reservations are required for the event and spots are expected to fill up quickly this year because it’s a major anniversary accompanied by a big advertising push, but according to Richardson Valentine’s Day is always a busy day for the select White Castle locations serving the special dinners.

“Every year, reservations fill up quickly at many locations. Contact us as soon as possible to get a table. Many people don’t realize how popular Valentine’s Day at White Castle is until they experience it for themselves.”

Eater provides an overview of White Castle Valentine’s Day experience based on cuisine served in previous years, calling the event “the ultimate in fast food romance,” and those who attend the dinner are encouraged to take photos and share them on social media using the hashtag #whitecastle.

Seating is limited in the U.S. cities of Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis, Louisville, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Jersey, New York, and St. Louis at these select locations.

E Online is also joining in on the Valentine’s Day fun this year, comparing two castles that are throwing special dinners. Namely, White Castle and Hogwarts, which is also offering a romantic meal for couples to enjoy.

“As you know by now, both White Castle and Hogwarts (yes, that Hogwarts) are throwing a Valentine’s Day dinner for you and your honey-bun. The real question is, why didn’t the two castles combine so we could eat sliders while sipping butterbeer?”

Hogwarts in London, which is part of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, will offer Valentine’s Day dinner in the great hall from 7 p.m. to midnight Saturday, February 13 and Sunday, February 14. The events will feature welcome drinks and canapes, including a special Love Potion cocktail, followed by dinner at individual tables for two decorated with flowers and candles.

According to the website, the three-course dinner will include a starter, main course and selection of desserts to share, followed by an exclusive, after-hours tour of the studio that includes the chance to view sets like the Gryffindor common room, Dumbledore’s office and the Malfoy Manor dining table. Guests then get to enjoy a tankard of butterbeer on Platform 9 3/4 before wandering around Diagon Alley.

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