Nicki Minaj, Farrah Abraham Feud Goes On: Farrah’s Daughter Says She ‘Loves’ Nicki Minaj [Video]

The Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham Twitter feud has gotten out of control, and now Abraham has enlisted her 6-year-old daughter to fire back at Minaj. But the best part? Abraman’s daughter, Sophia, says she loves Nicki Minaj!

According to Hollywood Life, Minaj and Farrah have taken their Twitter feud to the next level, and in one shocking video, 6-year-old Sophia declares that Nicki is a “loser!” On January 15, Farrah and Sophia arrived at Los Angeles International Airport, and were asked about the feud with Minaj.

In response, the adult film star said that she is “trying to just stay positive” since Sophia was with her, but Farrah highlighted that it was “sad” to see Minaj act like “I guess, a loser.” Farrah continued, and explained that “I guess you can’t really argue with me. It is what it is.”

A reporter asked the Teen Mom alum if she had a message for Nicki, and Abraham admitted, “I mean, I just wish her the best like my other haters.” Abraham added that Nicki Minaj is “part of that minion group now.”

To make matters worse, the adult film star reportedly explained why she thinks Nicki is a “bad influence,” according to Hollywood Life. Abraham explained that Nicki “shouldn’t speak negatively for kids,” and said that is “so wrong to do.”

The Back Door And More Teen Mom explained that the problem really had to do with Nicki Minaj’s mother who “should have brought her up better.”

Of course, the feud did not go according to plan when, at the mention of Nicki Minaj, Sophie shouted “I love Nicki, I love Nicki!”


The Twitter feud started when Nicki Minaj caught an episode of Teen Mom, and not so delicately indicated that Farrah was not very nice to her mother. Not one to take things lying down, Abraham responded that all of Nicki’s music videos look like porn, and things just got worse from there.

The feud with Abraham is not the only feud that Nicki Minaj is in the middle of. According to Us Weekly, Minaj is in the middle of a feud between Meek Mill and 50 Cent. In his new song “Gave ‘Em Hope,” Mill throws shade at 50 Cent, who then took to Instagram on January 17 to fire back.

The “Candy Shop” rapper posted a photoshopped image of Meek Mill’s face surrounded by a poop emoji, along with the caption, “LMAO Hey s—t head, your career is already over.”

To take it to the next level, 50 Cent told the rapper that he “better focus on getting Nicki [Minaj] pregnant so you can at least get child support girl.” Mill responded to the jab by telling 50 Cent that he was “going broke” and is “miserable,” next to a photo of Mill holding a huge stack of cash.

Minaj made headlines recently as well for bailing her brother out of jail to the tune of $100,000 after he was arrested on child rape charges. According to the Daily Mail, Nicki Minaj’s brother is facing a possible 25-year prison sentence for charges of first-degree rape and first-degree sexual conduct against a preteen in New York State.

Nicki and her brother are well-known to be very close, and Minaj has even said publicly that she “was prepared to do anything for her brother.” Minaj even bankrolled a wedding for her brother, paying $30,000 for the venue alone. In Instagram photos of the day, Nicki said she cried throughout the whole ceremony, and was thrilled to see her brother married.

In fact, Minaj is so close with her brother, that she even mentions him in three of her songs, “I’m the Best,” “Top of the World,” and “All Things Go.”

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