‘Dance Moms’ Season 6 Spoilers: Kendall Vertes Kicked Out Of ALDC In Episode 3? [VIDEO]

The drama between Abby Lee Miller and Kendall Vertes continues on Dance Moms in Season 6, Episode 3, titled, “Mini Dancers, Big Drama.” With the introduction of the mini dancers, rumors suggest that Vertes may just end up losing her place in ALDC.

In the premiere episode, fans were surprised to see Vertes threaten to quit ALDC following Miller’s harsh comments. Now that Abby’s favorite student Maddie Ziegler is busy filming for The Book of Henry, Kendall wanted to take this opportunity to impress everyone and land her own solo.

Vertes, however, cracked under pressure and thought about quitting, with her mom Jill completely supporting her decision. Apart from the stress of dancing, Kendall pointed out that they do not get to do fun stuff anymore. After a heart-to-heart talk with Miller, the 13-year-old dancer calmed down and decided to give the team another chance. Abby, however, bluntly told her that nothing will change with the way she handles the group.

While Kendall Vertes seemed to be pumped up to return to dancing and ultimately prove to everyone that she has what it takes, recent synopsis for Dance Moms Season 6, Episode 3 revealed that Abby Lee Miller remains skeptical of her place in ALDC. Rumor has it, she may end up being replaced by a newer, younger dancer.

“Kendall couldn’t take anyone to the dark side.”

To which, a younger blonde dancer enthusiastically replied, “I will.” Coming to her daughter’s defense, Jill Vertes immediately retaliated and pointed out that Miller never taught Kendall a single thing.

According to the official synopsis for Dance Moms Season 6, Episode 3, via TV Guide, Kendall Vertes’ position in the team will be in jeopardy. Multiple reports suggest that it could mean that Vertes’ days in ALDC may be numbered.

In Episode 2, Kendall placed third for her solo performance. Although she placed higher than her teammate and Dance Moms co-star Mackenzie Ziegler, Miller remains disappointed with her students. She claimed that if they only practiced as hard as the other dancers did, they could have won first place.

In Dance Moms Season 6, Episode 3, Abby Lee Miller introduced the new batch of “mini dancers.” Based on the promo, there could be a showdown between the ALDC regulars, Kendall Vertes, Nia Frazier, JoJo Siwa, Mackenzie Ziegler and Miller’s new recruits.

The moms, particularly Jill, looked furious after seeing the minis. They claimed that Miller was putting all of her attention in their training, leaving her original students behind.

“So our kids can’t do work because she’s doing something else for other kids?”

In the promo video for the premiere episode of Dance Moms Season 6, JoJo Siwa warned fans that there will be a lot of drama this time around.

“There is a lot of drama with the moms, Abby, and the new little mini babies. It’s just a lot but it’s awesome.”

Turns out, Miller is still unhappy with the current ALDC team’s performance. She is popular for doing anything to win, even if that means training a whole bunch of girls and replacing the regulars.

In recent episodes, Abby is clearly disappointed with how the girls are taking it easy. In fact, when they lost to the Broadway Dance Academy, she told them that they could not take any gigs in Los Angeles so they could focus on their commitments for Dance Moms Season 6.

Miller’s statement infuriated the moms, who pointed out that the coach is once again being unfair. Jill Vertes claimed that Abby allowed Maddie Ziegler to miss several competitions for Colin Trevorrow’s movie.

“I’ve had people all summer long wanting to work with Kendall, but I had to turn them down, because of my loyalty to Abby,” Vertes shared.

Dance Moms Season 6, Episode 3, “Mini Dancers, Big Drama” airs January 26 on Lifetime.

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