Objective-C Programming Language On The Rise, We Can Thank Apple

The programming language Objective-C has now become more popular than C++ thanks to Apple’s preference for the language when programming applications for Apple iOS and OS X.

The discovery of the languages popularity was uncovered by the TIOBE index, the index is based on the number of skilled programmers around the world, the number of courses offered for a programming language and the number of vendor applications. The index also includes numbers from search engine results.

C++ was developed in the same year at Objective-C with the former gaining popularity because of its handling in high-performance systems. Objective-C which operates on light-weight systems lingered as a niche product until Steve Jobs in 1988 ordered it to be used on the NeXTSTEP OS.

Even after Steve Jobs returned to Apple the Objective-C programming language lingered until the Apple iPhone ushered in a new era of mobile computing along with hundreds of thousands of apps, many of which rely heavily on the Objective-C programming markup.

At this time the C language controls 18.7 percent of the computing market while Java operates on 16.1 percent of machines and Objective-C lands at third place with 9.3 percent, up by 5.18 percent.

Other popular options include the Microsoft C Variant known as C# which controls 6.67 percent of the market and Visual Basic .NET which now has 0.92 percent of the overall computing market.

If you want to learn more about programming variants and the control they hold over the market be sure to check out TIOBE.

Do you think Objective-C is the future of computer programming?

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