Militia Leader’s Mom Asks For Supplies For Son’s Oregon Standoff

The mother of the Oregon militia leader involved in an armed standoff with federal authorities put out a call for help Sunday morning and asked supporters to bring her son badly needed supplies for his armed standoff.

Carol Bundy, mother of Ammon Bundy, sent an 80-item supply wish list to supporters by email asking for everything from blankets and jackets to cigarettes and chewing tobacco, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Bundy’s list includes basic supplies like hot dogs, socks, candles, hamburgers, canned food, eggs, boxer briefs, towels and wash cloths; along with more expensive requests like radios and monetary donations, according to a website by Starvin Larry.

We have had many people ask where they can donate and/or send food and supplies for the Patriots in Oregon.

Ammon Bundy’s mom also spoke up last week when she denied BuzzFeed allegations her family had filed a weird handwritten lawsuit against Obama. The suit alleges the president isn’t a natural born citizen, he had threatened Donald Trump as part of the birther movement, and was recently seen working as a street vendor, according to the Independent Journal.

The article first reported the lawsuit as being filed by husband Cliven Bundy, but was later corrected to note it was filed by another man with a Pennsylvania prison address; it merely lists Bundy as a plaintiff.

As the armed takeover of the Malheur national wildlife refuge in Oregon enters its second week, Ammon Bundy and his group of militia members, the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, face the prospect of a long cold winter without adequate supplies.

The group turned away three other groups of militiamen this week who came to provide a security buffer between the armed protestors and the government.

Members of the Pacific Patriot Network, Idaho’s 3 Percent group, and the North American Coalition of Constitutional Militias arrived shortly after the morning press conference wearing bullet-proof vests armed with rifles and handguns.

They left later that day after Bundy told them he didn’t want any more guns in the compound, Todd McFarlane, an attorney for Ammon Bundy’s militia’s group, told The Guardian.

We are trying to de-escalate here, then boom, they all show up.

Bundy’s militia group arrived in rural Burns, Oregon, a week ago to stage a peaceful protest in support of rancher’s rights. An armed splinter group broke off from the peaceful protest and took over the Malheur national wildlife refuge saying the building now belonged to local residents.

The government has so far not responded with violence, preferring instead to offer Bundy and his militiamen the opportunity to leave the area peacefully. The armed militants have responded by driving government owned vehicles around the wildlife compound this weekend saying the trucks now belonged to the people.

FBI agents began arriving in Burns, Oregon, 30 miles from the wildlife building, this week and have been seen conducting patrols to keep car and trucks away from a Bureau of Land Management air base. Another FBI vehicle was stationed at the air base sporting large antenna and satellite dishes.

Local schools announced they would re-open Monday after being closed for a week out of concern for violence.

Many local residents support rancher’s rights and getting the federal government out of land management in the west, but they’ve condemned Bundy’s actions as ill-timed and wrong-footed, cattle rancher Tom Davis told CBS News.

“I think it’s probably time for these guys to go home and I just pray that nothing will really happen to them.”

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