‘Defiant’ Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Divorces Possessive Husband: ‘He Got Jealous When She Hung Out With Her Dogs’

It’s over — after just 18 months of marriage, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini is divorcing husband Jean-Bernard.

The Mirror reveals explosively that the pair have actually been separated for months. Insiders reveal that they split in August, but remain friends and are divorcing amicably.

Some claimed that the marriage was strained because Jean-Bernard was away on business constantly. The insider argues that this is not the case.

“It was unfair for people to criticise him for being away on business. He hadn’t done anything wrong.”

The marriage was Fernandez-Versini’s second. According to a source, it shouldn’t have happened.

“In the end Cheryl realised she had married too soon and had been swept away by a bit of a whirlwind romance.”

The former couple have completed legal documents to end their marriage citing “irreconcilable differences.”

It appears that it was pop stunner Cheryl who ended the marriage.

The pair secretly split in August, but as late as November Jean-Bernard seemed to be fighting for his marriage, saying that he would “put [his] life on the line” for Cheryl and that his “wife” is everything to him.

“…JB has said he’ll always be there to support her when she needs him and he’s a very honourable guy.”

Two days ago, Cheryl made headlines by posting a cryptic Instagram message declaring that the world “tells women not to love themselves,” according to Heatworld. Some wondered if Cheryl was feeling under strain and if her marriage was on the rocks.

The X Factor star has received some negative press for her increasingly slim figure. Many indeed wondered if Cheryl felt pressure to maintain a trim physique, and worried that perhaps this was taking its toll on her health.

Mirror is also reporting that Cheryl posted “a defiant selfie” mere minutes after the divorce news broke. The pop singer flirts with the camera, displaying the widened eyes and pouty lips of one who is single and perhaps already ready to mingle.

The Sun is reporting that besotted Jean-Bernard may have been too clingy and possessive for Cheryl.

“Cheryl is divorcing JB on the grounds of his unreasonable behaviour. She has had enough of his jealousy.

Jean-Bernard was holding onto his marriage tightly indeed. An insider revealed the true, disturbing extent of his jealousy.

“He didn’t like it when she had to spend time with other men and even became jealous when she was hanging out with her dogs.”

Cheryl reportedly wants to finalize the divorce quickly, but there are fears it could be held up if she and Jean-Bernard clash over or refuse to have discussions about a financial settlement.

Reports estimate that a split with JB — as he is called by Cheryl and friends — could cost Cheryl up to £8 million. This assumes that the pair did not sign a pre-nuptial agreement.

The couple got married on the Caribbean island of Mustique in August, 2014. The wedding came as a surprise after the pair had dated for just three months, and appeared to be a rush job — it was attended by just four guests.

Cheryl shot to fame as part of British girl group Girls Aloud and later became a solo pop star and judge on Simon Cowell’s X Factor. She memorably told the One Direction boys “I can’t even cope with how cute you are!” when they performed on the stage in their very early days, and was also the only judge who refused to give Niall Horan a “yes” vote in the competition. The Irish One Direction member scraped through after a doubtful Katy Perry gave him a delayed “yes.”

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