Jwoww Shows Off New Tattoo In Inked Magazine

Jwoww recently got a new tattoo and she’s already flaunting it in a new photo-spread for Inked Magazine.

The Jersey Shore star decided to have a giant tiger tattooed along her hip to compliment the dragon that runs along her torso. Jwoww had the tattoo done by Jon Squid at Twin Moon Tattoo in New York.

Jwoww said that she wanted to get something on the side of her body and Squid told her that the tiger would compliment her dragon well. Squid said that the dragon and tiger almost make up a yin and yang, and symbolize good versus evil.

Jwoww said:

“I wanted something on the other side of my body to complement the dragon, and Squid told me that the dragon and tiger symbolize good versus evil, like a yin and yang.”

VH1 notes that the reality star put the tattoos on different sides of her body in order to emphasize the yin and yang symbol. Jennifer Farley said that she also chose to put the new tat on her hip so that she can hide it when she wants too.

Jwoww said:

“Yes, and placement for me is big because I want to be able to show my tattoos off when I want to, and I want to be able to cover them when I don’t want to show them.”

Here’s a photo of Jwoww’s dragon tattoo.


Here’s a photo of her new tattoo.

jwoww tattoo

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[Images Via Inked Magazine]