Trevor Noah: Several Fake Twitter Accounts Created To Praise ‘The Daily Show’ Comedian

It’s doubtful that Trevor Noah has the time to set up several fake Twitter accounts to praise himself. However, perhaps someone on his PR team does. If not them, then perhaps it’s just a big fan — or maybe several. Either way, Trevor Noah is being praised on Twitter by accounts that barely have any followers or barely have any tweets.

One of those accounts is created by someone named Terrance Low who has just three tweets or replies.

Terrance also replied to another tweet by a Twitter user named “Gillian,” who allegedly set up a whole account (without any profile picture or any followers) to say this:

But that’s not the only suspicious Twitter activity surrounding Trevor Noah. “Sherry Brown” wears a Ronald McDonald costume. And she isn’t following anybody and doesn’t have any followers.

Now, it’s time to meet Twitter user “Aklan Spears,” who is allegedly not gay, allegedly has long hair, and doesn’t seem to be following anybody or have any Twitter followers.

Many of these tweets or accounts were set up on December 31. There are plenty of others, but it would take too much time to list all of them. Once again, this could very well be some fans and not Trevor Noah or someone who works directly with him. Then again, Trevor Noah’s troubles on The Daily Show are pretty intense. Breitbart revealed the bad news last month.

“Although a ratings falloff from Stewart was all but guaranteed, a 40 percent drop for Noah is steep. Comedy Central has professed to be unconcerned because Noah’s appeal is to millennials. However, he is down about 40 percent among the 18-to-34 audience as well, and surprisingly the show’s median age has gone up, from 45.1 to 47.4.”

Trevor Noah Ratings
Trevor Noah is having a hard time finding an audience on ‘The Daily Show.’ [Photo by Andrew Toth /Getty Images]
Breitbart assumes that this is because people may be sick of people in the media pretending that Obama can do no wrong. However, the problem may be more obvious than that. Even left wing websites have given Trevor Noah bad reviews. Robert Julian of the Huffington Post is the latest left-wing critic to go after Noah.

“Every night on The Daily Show, Noah fluffs lines. He is reading copy off a teleprompter – copy that he’s gone over several times before the show airs – but he just can’t nail it consistently. His regular verbal missteps destroy the comic timing of these set pieces and suggest – now that he is over two months into the show – that Noah might not be up to the task.”

However, Trevor Noah was praised by several left-wing outlets today for his speech on Fox News and gun control. Esquire describes it as a turning point in Noah’s career.

“And on January 5, President Obama cried during a speech on gun control while thinking about the 20 elementary-school students and six staff members slaughtered at Sandy Hook in 2012. Since then, the president has faced ridicule from the right for a variety of nonsensical reasons. And last night on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah delivered possibly the greatest monologue of his career so far while addressing Obama’s passion.”

In the speech, Noah said that when someone weeps on national television, you know their feelings are real. He decried Fox News and Republicans for mocking Obama’s alleged “crocodile tears.”

Let’s hope that the new praise Trevor Noah has received can revive his ratings. Hopefully, the need for someone to create fake Twitter accounts praising Noah will go away and he will keep getting legit Twitter praise.

[Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]