‘Super Mario Maker’: New Character Costumes And Level Elements [Video]

When Nintendo first put out Super Mario Maker, some game bloggers were skeptical of how the game would be received.

Lucky for Nintendo and their fans, the game had more appeal than anyone could imagine.

For gamers, the idea of being able to not only play their favorite nostalgic game, but to change and create levels in the 8-bit quality of their favorite Mario world was outstanding. As people took to Super Mario Maker, the company made sure to show that the game wasn’t going to become abandonware any time soon.

Apolon, writer at iDigitalTimes, wrote an opinion piece of the game that clearly described the limitations of Super Mario Maker when it first hit the Nintendo Wii U.

“Initially, the game forced you to play for nine full days to unlock everything. Not very user-friendly, but very Nintendo. Thankfully, enough people bellyached on the Internet that Nintendo removed that requirement … Early on, Super Mario Maker was handicapped by the difficulty in finding good levels to play. Roller coasters and variations on 1-1 dominated the scene, which is fine and all… the game was brand new. But as more and more good levels came out, the limitations of Nintendo’s level-finding system became more apparent.”

Most games have some issues when they first get out, luckily, Super Mario Maker didn’t have as many as some of the more notorious games from other brands.

Though the game had a rough start, fans of the Mario games still flocked to it, and the rise in interest gave Nintendo plenty of gamer opinions to listen to.

New content has been added to Super Mario Maker in order to allow fans to create even more brilliant and amazing levels. Gamers still get some early level variations, and there are plenty of roller coasters, but there is also a significant amount of challenge throughout the levels available as well. Sometimes, there are even funny and amusing levels with dialog or music created by the actions of the player.

An example of some of the gameplay of Super Mario Maker is shown by producer Takashi Tezuka when he challenges his guest, Nintendo Senior Executive Shigeru Miyamoto, to try his newly made level in the video below.

Over the winter holidays, Nintendo introduced several new elements and character costumes to Super Mario Maker.

Bumpers can now be found in the maker if one uses the stylus to shake a grinder. Bumpers were first seen in Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64. When thrown, the bumpers will throw an enemy backwards. Now, the bumpers have a cute, harmless, yellow-donut appearance. They allow Mario to bounce slightly as he moves over them.

P-Warp doors and Fire Koopa Clown Cars were also added to the mix.

Where character costumes are concerned, Super Mario Maker gained 3: Captain Toad, Birdo, and Excitebike.

Although the Excitebike costume is from a different game, Captain Toad was first seen in Super Mario World 3D, and Birdo was seen in Super Mario Bros. 2.

Captain Toad was released right around Christmas for the maker, but players that want to be able to use Birdo or Excitebike have to play two levels created for Super Mario Maker.

For Birdo, players need to complete the “NES REMIX (Super Mario Bros. 2)” level in the event courses.

For Excitebike, players need to complete the “NES REMIX (Excitebike)” level in the event courses.

As more and more content comes out for Super Mario Maker from Nintendo, more and more gamers are going to be showing an interest in the nostalgia and flexibility of the game.

Super Mario Maker is here to stay.

[ Photo by Nintendo ]

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