Jennifer Aniston Movie ‘Mean Moms’ Stalled, Husband Justin Theroux Posts Photos Of Aniston On Instagram

Jennifer Aniston has been one busy lady this year. Not only did she marry the handsome Justin Theroux, but she also worked a steady schedule. However, one of her projects appears to be on hold at the moment. Cinema Blend reports that Mean Moms, which boasts Aniston as the lead, has stalled. However, co-writer Sean Anders is optimistic the movie will move ahead.

“It is currently in a holding pattern right now. We just had a meeting with the studio last week and we are waiting for it to be officially greenlit. Not much we can say at the moment, but we’ve done many iterations of the script and we have finished our final draft and we really, really want it to happen.”

Despite this, Jennifer Aniston is not idle. She has begun work on her new movie, The Yellow Birds, in which she plays the role of a military mother. The Daily Mail reports Aniston has been seen on the set of the new film and looking very different than usual, wearing a blond wig that has bangs and dressing in a dark blue trouser suit with a pearl and gold necklace.

According to Empire, Jennifer Aniston is being joined on the set of The Yellow Birds by Toni Collette, who will also be the mother of one of the young soldiers in the movie. The mothers have to deal with their sons being shipped off to the war in Iraq. The Wrap reports that co-producer Courtney Solomon is happy with the quality of the acting talent they have attracted to the movie.

“We are thrilled that we’ve been able to sign on so many accomplished actors to this project. From the moment we first read David Lowery’s script, we knew ‘The Yellow Birds’ was a film that we wanted to make.”

Despite her busy work schedule, Jennifer Aniston has time for her family and friends, especially her new husband, Justin Theroux. Theroux recently set up an Instagram account, and even though Aniston refuses to get one, he is posting enough photos for the both of them. Today reports that Theroux just posted a stunning photo of Aniston in a beautiful red dress.

It’s the only photo of Aniston he has posted so far, but he has posted plenty of others, including his very first one.

Where did this incredible photo of Aniston in a red dress come from? According to Us Weekly, it is a photo from the 2013 Academy Awards, at which Jennifer Aniston was a presenter. Theroux has picked up an incredible 76,000 followers since joining Instagram a week ago.

In other news, Jennifer Aniston always has time when a friend is in need. With Courteney Cox having relationship troubles, the International Business Times reports that a source revealed the advice Aniston has given her long-time friend and colleague.

“Jen’s telling Courteney to be patient and has drawn on her own experience with Justin, after waiting three years to wed following their engagement. She knows how much Courteney loves Johnny and worries she’s let the pressure of a wedding ruin what they have. She’s urging her not to give up on him – even if they need therapy to work through some of their issues.”

But Cox isn’t so sure the relationship can be salvaged.

“She’s totally heartbroken and while she appreciates Jen’s point, she isn’t sure if their relationship is salvageable.”

Jennifer Aniston is a dear friend and a lovely friend. She is also a talented actress. She will most definitely be a hit in The Yellow Birds and in Mean Moms when it does come out. But while waiting on those movies, fans can catch her in her latest flick, Mother’s Day, which is due out in April.

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