Len Kachinsky: Lawyer From ‘Making A Murderer’ Posts About Cancer On Facebook As Law Firm Hides Bio

Len Kachinsky is becoming a well-known name, all because of Len’s role in the riveting Netflix drama Making a Murderer. As reported by the Inquisitr, Making a Murderer is one of Netflix’s most popular series as of this writing. Names like Kachinsky’s are getting recognition as Making a Murderer gains popularity, due to the attorney’s role in the real-life thriller and drama that spans for years.

A complex series of events are covered throughout the Making a Murderer series of 10 episodes that covers the life of Steven Avery. Avery was a man who grew up in Wisconsin, and was pitted as a person from a family that grew up on an auto body junkyard, with the Avery Family being different from the local families in the way they dressed and the fact that they weren’t farmers.

Making a Murderer doesn’t just have folks engrossed in Steven, but in Avery’s nephew, Brendan Dassey, as well. That’s because after Steven got out of prison after spending 18 years therein for a rape that DNA evidence proved he didn’t commit, Avery was charged with a horrific murder. Steven got out of prison in 2003, but by 2005, Avery was charged with killing Teresa Halbach, a 25-year-old freelance photographer who sold photos to publications like Auto Trader. It was during the time when Steven had a $36 million civil lawsuit filed against the Manitowoc County authorities who wrongfully convicted Avery.

That’s where the lawyer named Len came into play with Kachinsky starring as Making a Murderer‘s smiling court-appointed lawyer for Dassey, as reported by the Washington Post. Len was supposed to represent Brendan in pre-trial matters, because when Dassey was a 16-year-old, he was taken into questioning with police — without his parents nor a lawyer present. Through a series of questions, it appeared that Brendan, who has a low IQ, was led to confess to helping his uncle — Avery — kill Teresa. Brendan’s lack of understanding of the impact of his confession, which was deemed as coerced throughout the documentary, appeared when Dassey asked police if he’d be done by 1:29 p.m., in time to make it back to school.

On Twitter, the name Len Kachinsky is drawing all sorts of criticisms for his appearance on the viral #MakingAMurderer Netflix series. Some of those criticisms urged folks to leave reviews on the Facebook page of Sisson and Kachinsky Law Offices, which is no longer available, but the Google cache of the Kachinsky law firm website proves it was alive as of October 17, prior to the Making a Murderer series being released on December 18.

As far his own personal Facebook page, Len has been posting about cancer treatments, with Kachinsky receiving prayers and updates.

Len Kachinsky feeling anxious at UW Carbone Cancer Center.

December 22 at 12:58pm · Madison, WI ·

Hope fully just stay in touch

Making a Murderer has put Len the lawyer front and center, with Kachinsky’s bio page still showing up in a Google cache, but a visit to the original page titled “Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney, Len Kachinsky” proves the bio page for Len redirects to the homepage of the law firm’s website.

The fact that Kachinsky’s bio says Len takes seriously the fact that a person should be viewed innocent until they are proven guilty is resonating with folks on social media.

“I take seriously ‘innocent until proven guilty'”

Len is receiving a mouthful on Twitter, with Kachinsky getting a good view of how he is being viewed through the lens of Making a Murderer.

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