First Look: Samsung Galaxy S7 Coming In 5.1 And 6 Inches

More news is coming in about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7, such as microSD making a return, the release date in 2016, and two Galaxy S7 sizes.

Apple and Samsung continues to fight neck-and-neck in releasing their respective smartphones, but it seems the demand for these handy devices never runs out no matter the lucrativeness of the phones coming out year in and year out. This year, the battle between Samsung and Apple has been between the Samsung Galaxy S6 that came out in April and the iPhone 6s that became available to the buying public in September.

In 2016, the two biggest mobile companies are not backing down and are releasing their own upgraded versions to their flagship smartphone lines: Apple will assuredly come out with the iPhone 7 and Samsung to release the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Plus.

Yes, you heard it right. Samsung isn’t resorting to a sub-standard Samsung Note to offset the size of its upcoming Galaxy S phone this time. It seems Samsung is planning to tread the footsteps of the iPhone, releasing one regular-sized and one oversized.

Rumors and insider reports are consistent in reporting that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is coming in two sizes. But the debate starts on the exact size of the two Galaxy S7. Online websites OnLeaks and uSwitch have consistently released leaks and rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S7, and a recent report by GSM Arena published 3D renders of the Galaxy S7 that uSwitch came out with.

Based on the leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy S7, the phone looks much like its predecessor Galaxy S6. However, the sides of the purported Galaxy S7 are rounder, going back to the roundness of the Galaxy S4. Also according to the renders, there’s no visible microSD slot or a USB Type-C. The size they came up with the Samsung Galaxy S7 is 5.1 inches while the size they rendered for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus is 6 inches.

We can recall that one of the biggest upsets of the Samsung Galaxy S6 was the disappearance of the microSD. It didn’t give the customers the option to upgrade their internal storage and in an era where the smartphone is slowly offsetting the need for notebooks and laptops, this was an unwelcome “development.” This is what led reports to believe that Samsung maybe bringing back the microSD slot in the Samsung Galaxy S7.

In fact, Gizmodo reported in November that sources reveal that Samsung is indeed considering to bring back the much-missed feature in their upcoming Galaxy S7.

“Samsung could be reintroducing an expandable microSD card slot in the Galaxy S7. This makes a ton of sense, especially since Android Marshmallow supports flex storage, which essentially lets you use external storage like internal storage. However, there’s no mention if a removable battery will also be making a comeback. That little tech detail may be dead for good.”

Aside from the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Plus, there are rumors of a Galaxy S7 Edge coming out in 5.7 inches. Three-dimensional renders of the Galaxy S7 Edge also came out in October from 3D Future. The renders, unlike the renders from uSwitch, shows the Galaxy S7 Edge with cutting-edge design, something different from the usual build of the Galaxy S line. It also featured the USB Type-C, something that critics believe is slowly becoming an industry standard in Android phones.

If both reports are correct, then we might be seeing three Samsung Galaxy S7 types. One regular S7 at 5.1, Galaxy S7 Plus at 6 inches, and a Galaxy S7 Edge somewhere in the middle. Whether Samsung is employing the USB Type-C for its Galaxy S7, or not, we’ll know come 2016, expectedly around February-March.

[Photo by Michael Sohn/AP Images]