June 29, 2017
'Once Upon A Time' Spoilers: Revenge, The Dark Captain, And More Teased

Once Upon a Time will return to ABC tomorrow night, and fans have been waiting for this episode for two long weeks. Some big things were revealed in part one of the double episode ABC aired earlier this month, and this week's episode will pick up from that episode and fans will learn more about Hook's journey into darkness. There is not just one Dark One in town anymore, and Hook will be ready for revenge on tomorrow night's episode.

Spoiler TV shared the short synopsis for Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 10 titled "Broken Heart" earlier this week.

"In Storybrooke, Hook seeks revenge on Rumple and challenges him to a duel. In Camelot, Hook kills Merlin to set the curse and Emma erases everyone's memories in an attempt to fix the situation."
Hook was always good at being bad, and he has returned to his dark ways because of Emma's deeds. In a sneak peek released for the episode, she tells Regina and her mother that she was trying to fix things, but things did not work out as she hoped.

Regina is not happy with her, and Mary Margaret is not pleased either. The pair come up with a plan, but their plan will not work. Hook has taken the item they need.

Hook also took Excalibur. That is revealed in a new sneak peek. As it says in the spoilers, he will challenge Gold to a duel, and he brings Excalibur along to make the fight fairer. He knows it is the only item that can kill him, and he wants to make it a true duel. That means one of them must die.

Entertainment Weekly also shared a new spoiler for this week's episode. Previous spoilers for the series teased that Hook and Regina would go off on an adventure together. That will happen on this week's episode, according to the new EW spoiler report.

"It's coming sooner than you think … like this week! 'She puts him up to a test,' says Lana Parrilla, who teases that there's a surprising connection between them and events that took place ahead of season 2 that we were previously unaware of. Make of that what you will!"

Adam Horowitz also shared new script teasers for the upcoming episode. Three script images popped up on his Twitter this week. They only hint at the drama ahead on this week's episode.

It has also been teased in spoilers released by ABC that this week's episode will bring the story full circle. The events in Camelot and the start of the season will finally meet up. Fans will know everything that happened during those six weeks that everyone forgot about it.

That does not mean the Storybrooke crew will get their memories back. Hook stole Emma's dream catchers after all. However, it is possible that David, Emma, and everyone else will find Hook and the items he took before he faces off with Gold.

Once Upon a Time Season 5 definitely took an unexpected twist with Hook becoming a Dark One. Emma was trying to do the right thing, but her plans did not go as she wanted them too. In her effort to get rid of the darkness for good, she turned her love to a dark soul bent on revenge once again.

It is interesting that Hook's focus is on killing Gold because of his love affair with Gold's wife in the Enchanted Forest. What about his love for Emma?

Are you excited for the return of Once Upon a Time tomorrow night?

[Photo courtesy of ABC]