‘Blindspot’ Spoilers: What Can Viewers Expect From The Fall Finale, And When Will The Show Return?

The fall finale of Blindspot Season 1 airs Monday night on NBC, and fans cannot wait to see what happens. People have definitely gotten hooked on the debut season of this show, and the fall finale is surely going to be packed with drama. What Blindspot spoilers are available so far for this episode titled “Evil Handmade Instrument”?

The Season 1, Episode 10 synopsis teases that sleeper spies are activated, and they will be preparing for a series of assassinations. However, the team will be pushing hard to stop them in their tracks. This episode will also be showing the aftermath of David’s death that played out in last week’s episode, as well.

As TV Guide teases, Jane will be feeling a lot of guilt over David’s death. She will talk with Weller about how she is trying to make sense of it and how David was only in the position he was because he was following the trail of her tattoos. This death is taking a toll on her, and she is determined to regain her memory and put all of the pieces together.

A Blindspot spoiler sneak peek via Variety teases a tense confrontation between Mayfair and Carter in Monday’s fall finale, as well. Mayfair rants that Carter is reckless and out of control, and that the operation is in a tenuous place given his recent choices. However, he argues that nothing can be traced back to them, and he is confident he has done what he needed to do.

Some Blindspot spoiler teases from Entertainment Weekly indicate that viewers will see an intense chase in this episode that involves a museum and motorcycles. Jane and Weller will be chasing someone down, and there is plenty of action as they try to get a step ahead of the suspect involved.

Of course, viewers will see what happens with Patterson in the wake of David’s death, as well. Blindspot spoilers via EW share that Patterson will focus on work as the rest of the team hunts down David’s killer. It seems that she will go to great lengths to avoid going home, as everything there will remind her of what she has just lost. While Jane is feeling responsible for David’s loss, viewers will see that Patterson is, as well.


While Patterson will be determined to help find David’s killer, she will have to convince others that she is capable of staying focused and unbiased. Teasers indicate that Patterson will have a very difficult time working through this shocker in the episodes ahead.

While fans are disappointed that it is time for a break with this fall finale, there is good news about more episodes ahead. It did not take NBC long to add additional episodes to this debut season, so viewers will get 23 shows before Season 1 wraps.

In addition, as TVLine details, Season 2 of Blindspot is already a go. This show has been one of this fall’s biggest new hits for any of the networks, so it comes as no surprise that NBC would move quickly on ensuring more episodes are in the pipeline.

When will new episodes of Blindspot begin again? It seems that the Season 1, Episode 11 show will air on NBC on Monday, February 29, according to the show’s IMDb page. The title and synopsis for that episode have not yet been revealed, but viewers would imagine they will be left hanging and anxiously waiting after this November 23 fall finale.

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