Nicki Minaj Paid $236,000 To Party, Lawsuit Alleges: Nightclub Sues For Refund [Video]

Nicki Minaj is reportedly at the center of a lawsuit, and according to documents obtained by TMZ, Minaj was paid a whopping $263,000 to party at a Las Vegas hotel for a whole hour.

According to the Daily Mail, promoters at the Chateau Nightclub at the Paris casino in Las Vegas are suing the rapper’s booking company, Pink Personality, for breach of contract after Nicki did not adhere to the terms of their deal. According to the lawsuit, Nicki Minaj was supposed to show up for the Mayweather versus Pacquiao fight last May at the stroke of midnight to host a highly-anticipated after party.

Minaj was also supposed to stay for an hour and perform some of her hit songs. According to the lawsuit, however, Minaj failed miserably by arriving to the fight over an hour late and staying for just 34 minutes, TMZ reported. Minaj, who claims to be “the highest selling female rapper, for the record,” according to the Daily Mail, only performed two songs.

To book Nicki Minaj, the Paris casino nightclub had to hand over a princely sum of over $236,000 before Minaj arrived. Court documents alleged that when Minaj failed to perform according to their contract, it effected their ability to sell VIP tables to the tune of $25,000 each, reports the Daily Mail.

The nightclub is now demanding a refund from Pink Personality, claiming that Nicki Minaj did not stick to their deal.

According to the Daily Mail, photos from the evening show that Nicki Minaj did attend the after party, and in one photo, Nicki can be seen enjoying a drink. Another snap shows Minaj with a microphone in hand, but in the photo, Nicki is also seen holding her pink purse, leading some fans to question if she ever put it down.

TMZ reports that fans weren’t impressed with the expensive post-fight event, after paying mega bucks to party with Minaj. Before the major flop and lawsuit, the event was lauded as one of the biggest party nights in recent history but Nicky ruined it, the nightclub alleged in its lawsuit.

The Daily Mail reports that this isn’t the first lawsuit Nicki Minaj has had filed against her. Minaj, who is well-known to be a fan of wigs, was sued by her former wig maker for $30 million after Minaj allegedly broke contract with her. In her lawsuit, the wig maker also accused Nicki Minaj of stealing her designs. This lawsuit against Minaj was later dismissed.

In 2011, Minaj was sued by promoters of an NBA All-Stars party who alleged in their lawsuit that she turned up late for an appearance and left after a half hour. According to the Daily Mail, back in 2011, Minaj only commanded $50,000 to make an appearance, however.

Nicki Minaj has also been accused of some strange behavior in Las Vegas. Last October, Nicki Minaj was hosting a Halloween party at the famous 10AK night club in Las Vegas, and attended the party dressed as a fairy.

Using her magic wand, Nicki Minaj commanded another event goer, who happened to be in a wheelchair, to stand, reported Perez Hilton. A video that was shared over Instagram showed Nicki Minaj “commanding” the person to walk “with the wave of her wand.” Minaj could also be seen laughing with her friends during the awkward, insensitive moment.

Nicki is also expected to launch a collection exclusively for K-Mart this holiday season. According to BET, Minaj announced her new line will be available starting Black Friday, and revealed two teaser photos on her Instagram account. Both dresses Nicki featured were black and accentuate her curves. BET reports that, despite her lawsuits, Nicki Minaj fans are thrilled she is launching a clothing line.

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