‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Battle Over Jason Begins, Sam And Elizabeth Mark Their Territory

This past week on General Hospital, viewers got to witness Jake Doe finding out that he is Jason Morgan, and the aftermath has brought forth anger, confusion, and broken hearts. Now that the truth is out, and he not only has a fiancée, but also a wife he doesn’t remember having, his life is really getting complicated. At the beginning of next week, it looks like Sam and Elizabeth are both marking their territory when it comes to their man.

Longtime fans of General Hospital know that this is not the first time that Sam and Elizabeth have fought over Jason Morgan. This rivalry has been going on for years and here they are again, putting their armor on for a battle to see which one of them will win his heart. In the ABC sneak peeks for the week of November 16, Elizabeth will pay a visit to Sam to see if they can work out a “solution” between them concerning the man they both love.

Jason has loved both women and they each have a son with him. However, Sam was the one who was able to live with his dangerous life, while Elizabeth could not. Now that Jason doesn’t remember his past as a hitman, Elizabeth finds that this Jason Morgan is a better fit for her and she is not about to let her fiancé go without a fight.

Elizabeth visits Sam (Photo by YouTube screencap)
Elizabeth visits Sam. [Photo via ABC/YouTube]

Both “JaSam” and “Liason” fans have always been vocal about their favorite couple and who they think Jason should be with. This fan rivalry has also been going on for years. However, at the moment, most General Hospital viewers seem to want him back with his wife, Sam, but as of right now Jason is in love with Elizabeth and has no attachment to Sam. That is supposed to change, eventually, as Jason goes on a quest to find out what happened to him before his accident.

This is where Robin Scorpio comes in, as she was about to spill the truth about Jason to Patrick on the phone during Friday’s episode of General Hospital until she was stopped by threats to their daughter, Emma. Robin is being held against her will somewhere and is being forced to work on some unknown project. Her family is being threatened if she doesn’t comply. According to upcoming spoilers, Jason could be the one who rescues her as he goes on his quest to find the truth on what happened to him.

Jason is also getting a little help from his buddy, Spinelli, as well. We Love Soaps spilled that the pals will reconnect and Spin will be helping his friend get answers about his past. In fact, Jason is expected to leave town, which will cause concern for both Sam and Elizabeth. After the two women have words, they will then team up to find the man they are both in love with.

Sam fights for her husband (Photo by YouTube screencap)
Sam fights for her husband. [Photo via ABC/YouTube]

Elizabeth and Sam were starting to build a friendship, somewhat, this past year, as they both had moved on with their lives after Jason’s alleged death. Of course, General Hospital fans were not happy when Nik told Elizabeth about Jason and she chose to keep that from her fiancé, and also from Sam. She is still keeping the truth to herself, but eventually Sam will find out about her lies. That will likely be the nail in the coffin for Elizabeth. But, for now, it looks like Jason’s women will be trying to find out where he has run off to.

Whether you are “Team Liz” or “Team Sam,” it is a rather complicated mess at this point. Even if Jason Morgan gets his memories back, he may not be the same person that he once was. There is a chance he may not go back to being a hitman for Sonny. However, he will most likely be back in the arms of his wife, Sam, eventually.

Are you happy with the way General Hospital is handling the Jason Morgan reveal? Do you understand why Elizabeth chose to keep her mouth shut about his true identity? Share your thoughts on the situation that both Sam and Elizabeth must deal with.

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