‘SNL’ Paris Terrorist Attack Tribute: Watch Cecily Strong Tearfully Express NYC’s Support

This weekend, Saturday Night Live opened with a tribute to the victims of the Paris terrorist attack that shook the French capital on Friday.

SNL tribute Paris attacks Cecily Strong
SNL’s tribute to the Paris terrorist attacks from Cecily Strong echoed the concern that was expressed the American public. (Photo by Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images)

Though the SNL tribute to the Paris attacks was brief, it was packed with emotion from the delivery given by long-time cast member Cecily Strong. Clearly on the verge of tears during her entire speech, the comedian distilled the shock that the world experience Friday evening when the shootings and explosions first began to ravage Paris.

With the SNL band as her backdrop, Cecily repeated two tributes to the Paris attacks. First, Strong underlined the support of the city of New York in English, and then repeated the same statement in French. She ended the moment with the traditional “Live from NY!” opening.

“Paris is the city of lights. And here in New York City, we know that light will never go out. Our love and support is with everyone there tonight. We stand with you.”

Fans of SNL at least responded positively to the French terrorist attack tribute on social media. Many simply replied with the images of the French flag mixed with the Statue of Liberty that have served as a means of expressing support. Others commended the moment as one of the poignant of the sketch comedy show this year.

As usual, not everyone was happy with the SNL Paris terrorist attacks tribute. Comments criticizing it echoed similar views that have been floating around the internet — most notably that the French shootings were given a disproportionate response in comparison to other bombings that have recently taken place in African and Middle Eastern countries. Others, still bitter about Donald Trump’s appearance on the program last week, also responded negatively to the clip.

Tribute to Paris terrorist attacks on SNL Cecily Strong
SNL’s tribute was just one of many acts of solidarity for the French terrorist attacks that took place across the globe. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Saturday Night Live has a history of dedicating a somber moment for international tragedies that have particularly broken into the public consciousness. Almost 15 years before the Paris attacks, New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on the show, along with a crew of firefighters and policemen who had been working at Ground Zero since the tragedy took place.

“On Sept. 11 more lives were lost than any other single day in America’s history. More than Pearl Harbor, and more than D-Day. The men, women and children who were in the World Trade Center came from across the country and 80 different nations. They were living their lives and pursuing their dreams, and they too are heroes. On our city’s darkest day, their acts of heroism saved more than 25,000 lives; but even as we grieve for our loved ones, it’s up to us to face the future with new determination. Our hearts are broken, but they beating stronger than ever. New Yorkers are unified. We will not yield to terrorism; we will not let our decisions be made out of fear. We choose to live our lives in freedom.”

SNL‘s French terrorist attack tribute falls in line with the outpouring of support that has erupted from the U.S. following the event. With the death toll now estimated to have reached at 129, with another 340 wounded — it is the most deadly of such attacks that the country has faced.

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