Jill Dillard Shares Home Videos Of Baby Israel, Shows Him Crawling And Pulling Up On Furniture [Videos]

Jill Dillard recently shared some videos for Duggar fans that show baby Israel crawling and pulling up on furniture. The Duggar daughter is currently filming with TLC crews for the upcoming specials on Jill & Jessa: Counting On. However, Duggar fans won’t have to wait until the December release of the show to catch up with the family. Jill Dillard shared a couple of home videos with her fans that show baby Israel meetings some milestones.

The first video that Jill uploaded to the Dillard Family Blog shows baby Israel as he crawls for “the second time ever.” In the video, Jill says that baby Israel is crawling and that the video shows the baby’s second successful attempt to crawl on his own.

A second home video uploaded by the Dillard family shows baby Israel as he pulls himself up on the side of the coach. Jill can be heard saying, “come to momma” as the baby crawls towards the coach and pulls himself up on the furniture. Jill then pans out and shows Israel standing while holding on to the coach. Derick is seen standing next to the baby and helps catch him as he falls slightly backwards.

The videos come just two days after Jill release an open letter to her sister Jessa Seewald. Jill provided advice for the new mother and expressed her excitement for the birth of her nephew Spurgeon Elliot Seewald. In the letter, Jill tells Jessa to take all the help she can get in these early days and encourages her to come visit in Central America with the newborn.

“We love and miss y’all! You’ll have to come for a visit so we can meet our little adorable nephew/cousin!”

Jill also notes that she was present via technology for the birth of baby Seewald and said that despite having to be transferred to the hospital for blood loss after the birth, that Jessa was a champ. Jill recalled her own difficult birth and says that she clung to Phil 4:13 during her birth which reads “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar and newborn Israel in the hospital
Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar and newborn Israel in the hospital following a difficult birth. [Image via Tumblr]
Meanwhile, Jill revealed the slightly unusual nickname she has for baby Israel calling him “Choo Choo” in the letter. She seems to confirm that the family uses the name often for the little boy as she can be heard calling Israel by the name “Choo Choo” in the home videos she released for her fans. Jill Dillard isn’t the only one who has a special nickname for her child. Jessa has also revealed that her firstborn son was given the name Spurgeon Elliot West. She notes that though his name is Spurgeon, he is still called by his nickname Quincy. Jessa told fans on her Facebook page that the baby will be called by his first name, middle name, and nickname so will likely respond to any of the three as he gets old.

“He’ll go by all three, but most of us still find ourselves calling him by his nickname ‘Quincy.'”

Jill reports to fans that the little cousins have already had some time to meet via FaceTime and will keep in touch using the app. Jill shared a photo of Israel looking at his cousin Spurgeon on the FaceTime app.

Jill Duggar's Son Meets His Cousin
Jill Duggar’s son, Israel, meets Spurgeon Seewald via FaceTime (Image via Ben Seewald/Instagram)

What do you think about the latest videos shared by Jill Dillard? Do you think Jessa Seewald will take baby Spurgeon to Central America to visit?

[Image via Youtube/ Duggar Family]

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