‘I’m Not Ready For Christmas’: Hallmark’s Magical TV Movie Premieres Saturday, Starring Alicia Witt And George Stultz

I’m Not Ready For Christmas is an original Hallmark channel movie that is going to air tonight. Known as the heart of TV, the Hallmark Channel has been bringing you the best in delightful Christmas movies all season. I’m Not Ready For Christmas is just one of many movies that will debut each week during their “Countdown To Christmas” programming. This great little holiday flick is directed by Sam Irvin and written by Hanz Wasserburge. The cast of I’m Not Ready For Christmas stars Alicia Witt as Holly Nolan, George Stults as Drew Vincent, Brigid Brannagh as Rose Geller, Dan Lauria as Santa, Mia Bagley as Anna Gellar, and Eli Baldwin as Damon Brouhard, according to TV Ruckus.

I’m Not Ready For Christmas is Hallmark Channel’s new movie, which debuts tonight. [Image via Hallmark Reviewer/Facebook]
I’m Not Ready For Christmas Synopsis

The romantic Hallmark movie centers its story around Holly Nolan, a busy working woman who focuses mainly on her work while her personal relationships with her concerned sister and niece takes a back seat. A generally good person at heart, Holly Nolan, has one little problem: she can’t stop telling lies. Lying suits her perfectly for any occasion because she has found that it works better for her than telling the simple truth. Her family is so fed up with it, that her niece tells Santa that her wish for Christmas is that her Aunt Holly would stop telling lies. When the wish is granted, Holly spews out all kinds of truths, which she realizes makes some people in her circle very uncomfortable.

Her flowing truths even reach the new man in her life, Drew Vincent, a handsome grade school music teacher who has taken a romantic interest in Holly. But will Holly’s new knack for telling the truth be too much for Drew? Or will he find this trait endearing, making him fall in love with her even more?

To find out, you’ll have to watch I’m Not Ready For Christmas, a movie about honesty, truthfulness and building wholesome relationships around the holidays. Hallmark’s most dedicated viewers will simply love this magical story of love.

About The Cast Of I’m Not Ready For Christmas

“Alicia Witt has most recently been seen in the TV series ‘Elementary,’ ‘House of Lies’ and ‘The Librarians.’ On stage, Witt appeared in fall 2006 at London’s Royal Court Theatre in Terry Johnson’s Piano/Forte. She made her West End debut in spring 2004 with Neil LaBute’s The Shape of Things. Witt has also been seen on stage in the new play Dissonance at the Williamstown Theatre Festival.”

“Born in Detroit, Michigan, George Stults grew up in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. In high school he was interested in both actin and wrestling and earned a wrestling scholarship to the University of Southern Colorado but transferred to Whitter College in his junior year to be closer to his younger brother Geoff, who is also an actor.”

I’m Not Ready For Christmas is a perfect choice to watch tonight. [Image via Hallmark Channel/Facebook]
An Interesting Detail

The idea for the movie is similar to the 1997 movie Liar, Liar starring Jim Carey, about a lying attorney who was unable to tell lies for 24 hours due to a birthday wish that was granted to his little boy. I’m Not Ready For Christmas was filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is produced by Hybrid and Mayor Entertainment. Don’t miss it. Find the coziest chair in the house and watch I’m Not Ready For Christmas tonight at 8/7 central. Read Hallmark Channel’s tease for the movie below. Recently, Inquisitr reported on the premiere of some other Hallmark Countdown To Christmas movies — Tis The Season For Love and Love Under The Stars.

“Holly’s world is turned upside down when she suddenly finds that she can no longer lie – thanks to her niece Anna’s wish to Santa Claus. As Holly’s career and love life go into disarray when her lies catch up with her, she must learn to judge between the truth and what is right.”

[Image via Hallmark Reviewer/Facebook]

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