WWE News: Huge Update On The Health Of Daniel Bryan, Could He Be Back By ‘WrestleMania 32’?

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan has been considered one of the most popular athletes in the world, and is certainly one of the top stars with WWE. His popularity remains despite the fact that he has wrestled a bit over seven months in the last two years. Many knew going in that Bryan was a fantastic performer, but like many wrestlers from the Independent scene, there was no telling how long his body would hold up due to what he puts himself through.

Bryan had a major issue last year involving his neck and arm that kept him out of action for nearly a year. He managed to heal up, finally, and made his return to the WWE earlier this year. He even ended up winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 31. Everything seemed great for Bryan, and then a concussion happened to him on WWE’s European Tour right after.

This led to Bryan dropping the title and he has not been back since. However, this was not without some controversy.

According to The Wrestling Observer, Daniel Bryan was told by WWE’s concussion specialist, Dr. Joseph Maroon, that he should not wrestle again. WWE turns to Dr. Maroon for a lot of their athletes’ head and neck issues or necessary surgical procedures. He was the doctor who worked on Kurt Angle. Maroon’s professional opinion was the number of concussions Bryan suffered over time was too high for him to continue.

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Meanwhile, Bryan got a second opinion from an NFL doctor who works with the Arizona Cardinals and was a doctor at last year’s Super Bowl, as well. He ruled that Bryan’s brain was above average for his age and cleared him to perform.

This was a problem, as WWE had their own doctor tell them one thing and a respected doctor with the NFL tell them another. This led to Daniel Bryan and WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, as well as WWE executive Triple H, unanimously agreeing that Bryan should go to a third doctor. Whatever the third doctor said would be what the company will go with. It is said that the results will be kept secret, most likely due to WWE wanting to not let anyone know if Bryan is cleared and have him make a surprise return. If he cannot come back, WWE will likely keep that under wraps to avoid issues with fans, too.

It makes total sense to keep everything under wraps. However, it is rumored that WWE received the results recently. It is also rumored that Vince McMahon has gone back and forth on bringing Daniel Bryan back. This means that Bryan could very well have been cleared to return, as there would be no way Vince would consider bringing Bryan back if the other doctor advised against it.

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What does this mean for Daniel Bryan and his return to the ring? It looks as if WWE will be bringing him back. However, when is up for debate.

Some speculate that WWE will bring him back by The Royal Rumble. He could make a surprise appearance there and then set up a possible WrestleMania program from it. They could always bringing him back sooner, seeing as WWE is in major need of his return now more than ever due to the lack of stars they have. John Cena is not set to return until late this year or at the first of the year. Meanwhile, Seth Rollins and Randy Orton are both out of action until next year. Daniel Bryan is the only one on the same level as them that WWE has right now.

Do not be surprised if WWE brings Daniel Bryan back much sooner than the first of the year, even as recently as the night after WWE Survivor Series. WWE is in dire need, it looks like Bryan may have been cleared, and there is no better time than now. Vince McMahon knows this more than anyone.

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