Prince Harry And Harry Styles Talk About Hair, Perrie Edwards Crushes On The Prince

What happened when Prince Harry met Harry Styles? England’s most famous Harrys had a conversation about hair, naturally.

Prince Harry got to briefly speak to a few different pop stars at the Royal Variety Show on Friday evening. The fundraising event benefiting the Royal Variety Charity took place at London’s Albert Hall, and it featured an impressive list of performers including One Direction, Little Mix, Kylie Minogue, Josh Groban, Elton John, and Ricky Martin. According to Gossip Cop, One Direction performed their hit single “Perfect” at the event. Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan also got a chance to speak to Prince Harry.

According to People, the Prince couldn’t resist cracking a joke about Harry’s Styles’ lengthy locks, which have grown a few inches past his shoulders.

“When was the last time you had a hair cut?” the royal reportedly quipped.

Prince Harry Greets One Direction
Prince Harry asked Harry Styles about his hair at the Royal Variety Show [Photo by Paul Hackett – WPA Pool/Getty Images]
According to the Daily Mail, the press later asked Harry Styles if the Prince’s comment about his hair will make him consider getting it cut. The One Direction singer said that he has no plans to do so in the near future, explaining further that he has a very good reason for growing his hair that a charitable guy like Prince Harry should appreciate.

“At some point I’ll be cutting it for charity,” Styles revealed.

This singer also told the press that he’s not interested in growing a fuzzy beard like Prince Harry’s.

“No no I’m not growing any facial hair,” Harry Styles said.

The two Harrys have something in common besides fame and first names, and, if one of them had brought it up at the Royal Variety Show, their conversation would have been quite awkward. As the Inquisitr previously reported, X Factor UK host Caroline Flack claims to have had flings with the prince and the pop star in her new book, Storm In a C Cup. Flack was 32-years-old when she began dating then-17-year-old Harry Styles, and she writes that being with the “cheeky” young singer made her feel like a teenager.

In her book, Caroline Flack also reveals that she and Prince Harry dated after meeting through a mutual friend, and she says that she was the royal’s “bit of rough” for a short time. The prince allegedly dumped her after the tabloids discovered there was something romantic going on between them, but Flack seemingly doesn’t mind being one of the prince’s cast-offs. In her book, she praises her former fling for not being an “egotistical rock star.”

If Prince Harry is interested in hooking up with another woman who dated a member of One Direction, Perrie Edwards would love for him to give her a call. The Little Mix singer and former 1D member Zayn Malik ended their engagement back in August, as reported by People. Edwards was reportedly “devastated” when Zayn decided to call things off, but it looks like she might be ready to get back in the dating game. Before her girl group performed at the Royal Variety Show and got the chance to meet Prince Harry, Perrie Edwards told Digital Spy that she has the hots for the royal.

Little Mix Greets Prince Harry
Perrie Edwards revealed her crush on Prince Harry before meeting him at the Royal Variety Show. [Photo by Paul Hackett – WPA Pool/Getty Images]
“But, it’s like Prince Harry’s watching! It’s making me nervous. I think I have a crush on Harry,” Edwards said.

Perrie’s bandmates immediately let her know that they fully support “Herrie.”

“You two would make a lovely couple! I’m going to slip him your number tonight. I’m going to set you up,” Jesy Nelson quipped. She also said that she thinks Perrie is already a “princess.”

However, Perrie Edwards fears that she’s currently not blonde enough for Prince Harry, who definitely seems to have a thing for flaxen-haired maidens.

“I should have got my roots done a bit blonder,” Edwards fretted.

What do you think of Prince Harry’s comments about Harry Styles’ hair? And do you think Perrie Edwards and the Prince would make a cute couple?

[Photo by Paul Hackett – WPA Pool/Getty Images]

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