‘Arrow’ Season 4: Felicity Smoak’s Mother Discusses ‘Olicity’ And Quentin Lance, ‘Arrow/The Flash’ Crossover Details Revealed

Arrow season 4, naturally, has a continued focus on “Olicity.” The name the internet portmanteau of Oliver (Queen) and Felicity (Smoak), and the continued relationship that has been building since season 1, explored since season 3, and has carried over into the current season of Arrow. Charlotte Ross, known to Arrow fans as Mama Smoak, was interviewed by Comicbook about the future of Olicity in season 4 and beyond. Arrow season 4, so far, has briefly mentioned that Oliver Queen has a ring for Felicity.

Though, up to this point, it would appear to be unbeknownst to anyone except for the fans. Mama Smoak has been speaking to Oliver an awful lot lately, so it is fair to inquire if she is aware of the Green Arrow’s plans.

“I can’t say that factually but last year she was just excited in pushing her daughter just to have a boyfriend. I think Donna has been wanting to see her daughter happy and in love for a long time, even down to helping her get a new wardrobe just to find the right man. I think one of the reasons she cares for Oliver so much is that Donna sees how much vulnerable and deeply Felicity cares for Oliver. I think that touches Donna in a really deep way, so as the fans would say, I think Donna is their ultimate shipper. She really is happy and really is excited about it.”

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Though Mama Smoak did not have a lot of input to give Arrow fans, she did explain that the surprise ending between Mama Smoak and Quentin Lance was all completely the fans choice, and their effect on the direction of certain elements of season 4.

“Paul and I did a selfie in the trailer last season and they started the hashtag Smoak n Lance,’ and they have us shipped and together and we haven’t even met on the show yet! So I had dinner with Andrew Kreisberg a couple of months ago and I said, ‘Is this going to happen? I’d love to work with Paul, and the fans…’ and he said, ‘I can tell you it’s going to happen.’ I was so excited. I didn’t know when it was going to happen, but yeah, they absolutely see and hear everything the fans are saying and whether it gives them ideas, or direction, or just something to think about, it definitely is heard and matters and I think it might be a culmination of everything.”

As far Arrow season 4 is concerned, the fans have managed to bring Constantine to the show and brought Quentin Lance and Mama Smoak together. What else are they capable of? Well, the reception to last season’s Arrow/The Flash crossover event has inspired another crossover event. According to Hitflix, the synopsis has finally been released. The first of the two-part event starts with a December 2 The Flash episode entitled Legends of Today.

“Vandal Savage arrives in Central City and sets his sights on Kendra Saunders. After Vandal attacks Kendra and Cisco, they turn to Barry for help. Realizing how dangerous Vandal is, Barry takes Kendra to Star City and asks Oliver and team to hide her until he can figure out how to stop Vandal. However, things quickly go from bad to worse when a man with wings AKA Hawkman (guest star Falk Hentschel) shows up and flies off with Kendra. Meanwhile, Harrison develops a serum to make Barry run faster and asks Jay Garrick to test it out.”

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The second part is an Arrow episode entitled Legends of Yesterday. The Arrow season 4 episode will continue the advancing threat of the new villain, Vandal Savage.

“Oliver and Barry Allen take Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall to a remote location to keep them hidden from Vandal Savage while they figure out how to defeat him. Malcolm arranges a meeting between Vandal, Green Arrow and The Flash that doesn’t go as planned. Meanwhile, Felicity, Thea, Diggle and Laurel work with Team Flash to come up with a weapon powerful enough to destroy Vandal Savage.”

Obviously, for any Arrow and The Flash fan who has been aware of the spin-off, these two episodes will become the foundation of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The Flash and Arrow spin-off has been slated for 2016, but no specific date has been set. With The Flash/Arrow two-part event being used to start the spin-off, it makes one wonder just how soon Legends of Tomorrow will be coming to the CW.

[Image Via Arrow Season 3 Screenshot| Courtesy Of CW |Cropped and Resized]

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