Kristen Doute And James Kennedy Trade Barbs, James Defends Lala Kent From Scheana Marie’s Mouth Comment

While viewers saw James Kennedy blatantly lie to Kristen Doute and then laugh about it on the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules, James maintains that he doesn’t like to lie. On Friday night’s After Show episode, James, who is now dating Lala Kent, defended himself by seemingly stating that if Kristen treated him better, he wouldn’t have cheated on her and lied about it.

On Monday night’s episode, James told Kristen that he didn’t have sex with another girl named Jenna. He swore on his life that he didn’t. Yet in a confessional interview later, James said that he didn’t tell Kristen the truth because he knew that it was just going to devastate her. He then gleefully proclaimed that he and Jenna did have sexual relations.

When the After Show hosts Julie and Brandy pointed out that James lied to Kristen but then outed himself in his interview, James said that he knew that the truth over what happened with Jenna was eventually going to come out anyway. He explained that by the time he did the interview, he was over the relationship.

When asked if he has any feelings about watching himself lie, he said that he certainly does. He said that he doesn’t classify himself as a liar. He then said that he won’t lie with the right woman.

“If I’ve got a girl that treats me right, loves me unconditionally and never lies to me, I mean you can expect the same thing back from me. But, you know, that’s not what I was getting from Kristen so, you know, in that specific moment I didn’t feel bad.”

Kristen will probably have something to say about that. As Monday night’s episode aired, Kristen posted a photo of herself, Scheana Marie and Scheana’s husband, Mike Shay, dismissing James. James posted a snap of Kristen’s tweet and used it as evidence of Kristen’s immaturity.

In response to James’ tweet, Kristen called him a loser and thirsty.

Echoing what he said on the After Show, James Kennedy then posted a tweet that suggested that Kristen Doute wasn’t much of a girlfriend.

James actually watched Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules with newcomer Lala Kent, whom he is now dating. He posted a photo of himself watching the show with Lala.

On Monday night’s episode, viewers were introduced to Lala, SUR’s new hostess. As boss Lisa Vanderpump predicted, some of the other female employees gave Lala a bit of a hard time. After Lala claimed that she had to take some time off from work because she was being flown to Italy for a modeling shoot, Katie Maloney and Scheana Marie, suspecting that Lala was lying, questioned her about the trip. Katie said that she has a lot of model friends from Europe and they say that Italy is crawling with supermodels. Lala promptly asked if Katie is really just saying that she’s not supermodel material.

After Lala confessed that she’s really just going to Italy for fun and that she’s not going to pass it up since it’s a free trip, Scheana asked her, with a smirk, what she has to do for that free trip. Lala countered that she’s just a “fun b***h to be around so [she] get[s] to keep her legs closed.”

“But what about your mouth?” Scheana countered.

As the scene aired, James said that Scheana Marie was being a mean girl. He pointed out that Scheana has quite the past too. Perhaps he was referencing Scheana’s past relationship with actor Eddie Cibrian, which happened when he was still married to Brandi Glanville?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lala Kent also defended herself on Monday night as Vanderpump Rules aired. Besides posting tweets directed at Katie Maloney and Scheana Marie, Lala also posted a photo of herself with James Kennedy, proclaiming him her DJ.

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