‘The Preacher’s Sin’: Lifetime Television Movie Debuts Saturday Starring JR Bourne And Allie Gonino

The Preacher’s Sin is the newest dramatic film to air on Lifetime this weekend. Filmed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, The Preacher’s Sin, which could be based on a true story, is slated to premiere on Saturday, November 14, on Lifetime. The cast includes JR Bourne as Evan, Allie Gonino as Jamie, Tara Spencer-Nairn as Lauren, Tori Barban as Sarah, Demi Oliver as Gabe, and Stephanie La Rochelle as Tinsley, according to the Internet Movie Database.

Directed by Michelle Mower and written by Kevin Dean, The Preacher’s Sin centers around Evan Tanner, a church preacher whose life is spinning out of control. Trying to live up to the expectations of his congregants and church leaders, Evan Tanner’s life becomes more difficult as he has to deal with his rebellious niece who is living in his home. When she is found murdered, life spirals down even more, especially when it comes to light that he has an illegitimate son that he fathered during a one night stand many years ago.

The Preacher’s Sin starring Allie Gonino [Image via Michelle Mower/Facebook]

The Preacher’s Sin seems to do a good job showing the inner turmoil and emotional and social pressures that may arise from being a preacher. In many religions, a preacher’s life must be exemplary in all aspects, including his children, and all others who may live under his roof. Any sort of scandal that may arise could easily jeopardize the church and the preacher’s role in the congregation.

For example, in the Jehovah’s Witness religion, if a wayward child is found to be disruptive and uncontrollable, then the preacher, who is often referred to as an “elder,” must step down from his position until he is found worthy to regain such status. Some complain that today’s churches are run more like businesses than temples of God.

Michelle Mower doesn’t indicate that The Preacher’s Sin is based on a true story, but it is possible. Mower likes to take inspiration from real-life experiences for her stories. As a female director, Mower states that she’d love to see less competition among female directors, according to News Fix.

“The women of this industry need to come together. Instead of competing against each other() trying to outrank each other, we need to be supporting each other. If women are going to advance in this industry, it’s not going to be by tearing each other down. It’s going to be by lifting each other up.”

One of her first movies to come to Lifetime was entitled The Preacher’s Daughter, a movie that was based on or inspired by her own true experiences as a teenager and preacher’s daughter. That movie debuted on the Lifetime channel in April 2013 starring Andrea Bowen. Michelle Mower released another true-story movie the same year entitled The Preacher’s Mistress, which was most likely based on the Matt Baker-Vanessa Bulls murder case. The Baker-Bulls case also inspired another preacher movie called Sins of the Preacher.

The Preacher’s Sin stars JR Bourne as the fierce preacher. [Image via JR Bourne/Facebook]

For more true-life real stories based on preachers and ministers, you can watch ID’s Deadly Devotion and Sinister Ministers. Lifetime’s #ThePreachersSin, which is also known as A Husband’s Confession, is on at 8/7 central. Below you’ll find Lifetime’s official tease.

“Evan Tanner is a successful preacher with a popular talk radio show “Family in the Forefront” and an upcoming book tour. However, the happily married father has a family that is far from perfect. After the death of his sister-in-law, he and his wife took in their rebellious 17-year-old niece Jamie who is spiraling out of control. Under threats from his ruthless boss Bill, Evan is doing everything he can to keep up the façade of the perfect preacher. But when a son from an extramarital affair shows up, his world begins to implode and Bill is willing to go to any length to protect his investment. Evan- now caught between his family, his career, and his conscience- is faced with a decision that could have tragic consequences.”

The Preacher’s Sin airs at 87/central on Lifetime. Recently, Inquisitr wrote about two other Lifetime movies entitled Ungodly Acts and Fatal Flip.

[Image via The Preacher’s Daughter/Facebook]

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