Christina Aguilera Shares Thoughts On Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani Romance

Now that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have admitted that they are dating, everyone has something to say about it. Christina Aguilera is also a coach on The Voice, but she is not on at the same time as Gwen. Access Hollywood sat down to talk with Aguilera, and she shared all about her thoughts on this new hot couple. Regardless of what you are hearing, Christina is talking about how great she thinks this couple is, and Christina is totally on board.

Christina admits that she didn’t know the news that Gwen and Blake were dating before it came out. It doesn’t sound like they told many people about their romance, though. Back in October, Christina had already filmed the blind auditions for the upcoming season, and she heard some chatter that Blake and Gwen might be more than friends but didn’t know if it was true or not. Gwen and Christina were friends before either one was ever on The Voice. Christina shared that Gwen is a great mom and awesome girl. Aguilera then went on to say how she felt bad for both of them during their splits.

“Knowing them for so long and having gone through my own divorce, it’s rough no matter how you want to twist it. And then, under a media microscope, that just sucks. I feel for them, in both of their separate situations.”

Christina Aguilera is actually really happy to see these two people happy. She cares about both of them.

“Happiness deserves happiness. They’re good people. I just know that divorce is tough and so they deserve some laughs and happiness and if it’s [with] each other, then they deserve each other.”

Aguilera actually ran into Gwen and Blake. After seeing them, Christina spoke out and shared what she said to Gwen when she saw her. She shared that she said, “You get that cowboy, girl!” It really does sound like Christina is totally on their side and hopes this relationship works. At least since Gwen is dating Blake, hopefully Christina will keep from having rumors about her and Blake when she is back on the show.

It does sound like everyone on the show is embracing the new love between Gwen and Blake. Fellow coach Adam Levine actually spoke out recently, and ET Online shared what he had to say about this couple. Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera are both totally on their side and happy for them. It has been obvious that Blake and Adam are getting pretty close on the show. Adam shared his thoughts about the couple.

“They’re my friends. Gwen and I have really bonded lately. She’s just the coolest, most wonderful person ever and people don’t really realize that they are humans and they have problems just like everybody else. I love my friends and I support my friends through everything. I’ve been actually really enjoying getting to know Gwen better in the past two months.”

Christina Aguilera is going to be back on the upcoming season of The Voice and will be replacing Gwen. This doesn’t mean that Gwen Stefani is gone from the show, though. These two have been trading back and forth, so more than likely Gwen will return again in the next season and Christina Aguilera will get a break again. Adam and Blake don’t ever take a break and are there every season of the show.

Are you surprised to hear how supportive everyone on The Voice seems to be about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s new relationship? Don’t miss watching these two together on The Voice on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night each week. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about this relationship.

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