Teresa And Joe Giudice Save Their Home, Now Current With Mortgage

Teresa and Joe Giudice have been going through a rough time over the last couple of years. Teresa is spending time in prison now and Joe will be going next year. It actually looked like these two might end up losing their family home, but now Radar Online is sharing that Joe and Teresa have found a way to save their house. They are actually up to date on their mortgage now. This house was actually in foreclosure, and it looked like the bank was going to take their home away. It was possible that Teresa would end up coming home from prison and having to live in a new smaller home, but that is not the case at all now.

A source close to Teresa Giudice is speaking out about how they are going to get to keep their home.

“The house is out of foreclosure, and the unpaid money owed has been paid in full. The mortgage is now current. The loan hasn’t been paid off, but they are now in good standing with the loan. A judge is expected to sign off on the agreement reached between the bank and the Giudices.”

Teresa and Joe Giudice started out trying to sell this house for $2.9 million, but they lowered the price clear down by $500,000 and were still unable to sell it. Now Teresa and Joe will get to keep the house, but they didn’t share the details of how they were able to do it. Teresa isn’t making much money while behind bars, but Joe did share on their recent Bravo special that he has been bringing in money as much as possible before he goes to prison. Teresa will actually be home before Christmas, and Joe doesn’t go to prison until after the first of the year. They were very lucky that they didn’t both have to be in prison at the same time.

This house is over 10,000 square feet and has six bedrooms and six bathrooms. The show is obviously important to Teresa, the source went on to explain.

“Teresa is ecstatic to be in this situation. She is stepping up and taking care of business. She loves that house, and wants to grow old there with Joe.”

Andy Cohen recently shared that he is still talking to Teresa Giudice over email. Us Magazine shared a short clip of what he had to say. He actually shared something funny that Teresa says at the start of every email.

“Every email I get from her, the subject line says: ‘It’s Teresa,’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I know. You’re the only person I’m emailing within this… system.'”

Andy Cohen went on to explain that he has been talking to Teresa Giudice a lot through email, but to get these emails, you have to sign into the system with your social security number and information. Teresa only gets so many minutes of phone time per month, but she is talking to a lot of people via email while she is in prison. This is actually almost all over with for Teresa, and hopefully she will be home soon as planned.


Are you shocked to hear that Teresa and Joe Giudice were able to save their home somehow? Do you think that Teresa will do okay with making money while Joe is the one behind bars? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t forget that The Real Housewives of New Jersey will return to Bravo. At the moment, however, they are waiting on Teresa to get out of jail so they can start filming with her. Amber Marchese recently shared the news that she will not be coming back next season of RHONJ.

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