Dez Bryant N-Word Media Melee: Bryant Curses At Reporter During Interview — Again [Graphic Video]

Dez Bryant is at it again. First, Dez made the news when video of Bryant seemingly saying “That’s what the f*** he gets” when Ricardo Lockette took a hard hit went viral, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Although the viral video of Dez pointing and appearing to say “That’s what the f*** he gets” after Ricardo’s hard hit was posted by Marcus Sullivan, a FOX 26 digital reporter and content producer, Bryant claimed he didn’t say the words that the slowed-down video appears Dez said. Controversy exists over whether Bryant initially said the words when Ricardo was first hit, and then Dez later prayed for Lockette, as reported by USA Today, with presumptions that Bryant initially might not have realized how hurt the Seahawks player was.

Either way, Dez denied saying “That’s what the f*** he gets” despite the video evidence and blamed the media for supposedly slicing together videos. He went off on reporters in the locker room after that melee.

“Stay the [expletive] away. Why don’t you all get the [expletive] out of here? This is our [expletive] locker room. You [expletive] dirty [expletive].”

Now Dez is at it again with the media, and Bryant’s latest tirade in the locker room was caught on camera. Dez claimed that Jean-Jacques Taylor, a reporter at ESPN Dallas, called Devin Street the N-word. The latest rant from Bryant against reporters was caught on video.

Warning: The below videos of Dez cursing and ranting and raving at reporters might be disturbing to some viewers.

As reported by USA Today, Bryant cursed at several people in the locker room of the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday. Robert Klemko, a reporter for Sports Illustrated, tweeted about Bryant’s rant against a reporter.

“Dez Bryant just blew up on reporter, went on 10-min rant. ‘Until they stop disrespecting this team I don’t give a [expletive]. [expletive] sick!'”

When Dez learned of that tweet, Bryant saved his vitriol for Klemko.

“What the [expletive] are you doing?” Bryant yelled at Klemko. “If you’re going to report something, report it right! Report the whole thing. Don’t single me out like that!… That the [expletive] I’d be talking about right there!”

Dez claimed that Taylor had called Devin the N-word. On Twitter, Bryant posted a note with curse words, claiming the alleged N-word slur was why Dez went off. Other reporters could not corroborate hearing the N-word come from Taylor.

Nevertheless, Bryant continued to post his Twitter notes, like the above one, which states that the media can come in their locker room with no restrictions and allegedly talk to players however they want. Take it however you want, wrote Dez, about his latest tirade, claiming it was the result of Devin being called the N-word.

Bryant even cursed at the Cowboys media relations director Rich Dalrymple, telling Rich to fix the situation and talk to the correct people.

It was a much different Dez than the one who hugged Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett on November 1, when Bryant and his team faced the Seattle Seahawks in Arlington, Texas.

[Image via AP Photo/Brandon Wade]

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