Former Nanny Christine Ouzounian Leaves Ben Affleck Drama For Ex Fiance

Before Ben Affleck’s former nanny Christine Ouzounian caught herself a case of fifteen minutes of fame, she was allegedly happily engaged. The couple split shortly after the scandal of her alleged affair leaked out to the press — an affair that Ben Affleck has consistently denied. Now, according to Entertainment Tonight, Ouzounian has reunited with her ex-fiance and forgotten all about her drama with Ben Affleck.

So who’s her former flame that’s finding himself back in her life? According to a source, his name is Christoph Albury, and he’s a fisherman that lives in the Bahamas. The couple became engaged in May and then suddenly ended their relationship in June, which was around the same time reports started circulating about a possible affair with Affleck. The source said that originally the two were supposed to meet up while she was helping Garner and Affleck with the kids, but “Something happened in the Bahamas. He said he didn’t want to see her at all.”

A source told ET that the two exes are now rekindling their romance in the Bahamas, and have been visiting local joints that they love, calling the reunion “really strange.” The source continued to speak of the newly reunited couple:

“It’s like they’ve just gone back to normal and the Ben stuff didn’t even happen.”

Last we heard from Christine Ouzounian, reports were circulating that she was desperate to share her side of the Affleck Nannygate story and was shopping around a deal for a possible tell-all memoir or an appearance on a show. All things considered, we’re willing to bet that Ouznounian hit a wall with that one, given that she signed an NDA prior to becoming employed by the family, which means that she couldn’t speak about the couple, their three children, or anything that happened in the house while she was helping with the kids.

Although Ouzounian has never publicly talked about the reports that she was having an alleged affair with Affleck, she posed it up for paparazzi leaving her home, was spotted laughing and clinking glasses of champagne with friends, and was even laughing it up at a swanky hotel while the scandal was going down in the press.

Then there’s also her Instagram account, and that picture of the former nanny posing in front of a new Lexus while grinning ear to ear. She caption another Instagram photo with “‘She’s just a girl and she’s on fire’ — Alicia Keys.” In other words, she was playing the media game very well.

Prior to her role in the Affleck-Garner drama, she was a nanny for Neil Patrick Harris and his two children. Ben and Jen aren’t the only couple that Christine allegedly wedged her way in between. There was a photo of the former nanny on Affleck’s jet wearing Patroits player Tom Brady’s Super Bowl rings. This picture, and the fact that she was on a plane to Las Vegas with Affleck and Brady, landed the NFL player in hot water with his wife Gisele Bundchen. Reports circulated that Bundchen “threatened divorce” once everything came out, but Brady denied that they were having marital problems.

As for Affleck and Garner, they still haven’t filed for divorce yet, in fact they’re still hanging out in Los Angeles, going out with the kids to the farmer’s market, and to their local church. Although there’s no new report pointing to a reconciliation, the two seem to be in happy spirits as parent.

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