Pastor Owns Starbucks Holiday Cups Controversy With Unexpected Ending To Viral Video

Pastor Greg Locke posted a video that owned the Starbucks holiday cup controversy Wednesday with its unexpected ending. The video Pastor Greg Locke posted to his Facebook account has went viral as his message has already been viewed more than 4.1 million times in less than 48 hours.

In the Facebook video, Pastor Greg Locke relates the Starbucks cup color by using familiar Christian and holiday symbolism. Recording the video on Veteran’s Day, Locke said the color represents the “million of gallons of blood that have been shed” by members of the military throughout history. He also said that the container’s color represents the “blood of Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Greg Locke Starbucks Video
Pastor Greg Locke discusses the Starbucks controversy in his latest video. [Photo via Pastor Greg Locke/Facebook]

Pastor Greg Locke went on question why the controversy has exploded, noting the issue over Starbucks holiday cup design is “silly.”

“I want to remind you it’s still November. What about Happy Thanksgiving? Let’s not skip over the fact that we are supposed to grateful and thankful in every situation.”

“You know why it doesn’t bother me?” Pastor Greg Locke rhetorically asked.

He then appears to reach for the Starbucks coffee cup before pulling out a Dunkin’ Donuts’ cup of java.

“Because I like real coffee,” he chuckled after taking a drink from the Dunkin’ Donuts container.

In previous years, Starbucks has had Christmas-themed symbols on them, such as reindeer, snowman, or ornaments. The controversy surrounding began from a November 5, 2015, video posted by Joshua Feuerstein, CNN reported. Feuerstein — a former pastor and self-described social media personality — took exception to the new Starbucks design, calling on individuals to “trick” Starbucks baristas into writing the phrase “Merry Christmas” onto each cup by telling them the phrase is their name.

Pastor Greg Locke responded to the Starbucks controversy Feuerstein spurred. In his video, the pastor counted Feuerstein as a friend, calling the stand part of his “spiritual DNA.”

“The gentleman that started the trend – Joshua – he’s my friend, and I’m not going to besmirch his character. It shouldn’t surprise us that he’s in the midst of internet controversy. That’s what he’s known for. That’s what he does.”

As for his take overall stance on the Starbucks holiday container controversy, Pastor Greg Locke said that “personally, it’s a red cup. There are other issues that I would probably have with Starbucks that would have nothing to do with their stand on Christmas, or the lack thereof.”

Starbucks has responded to the controversy in a statement, calling their design a “blank canvas” to allow “customers to tell their Christmas stories in their own way.” For religious leaders like Pastor Greg Locke, the controversy has allowed them a new opportunity to reach an audience beyond their normal congregation and social medium followers.

Pastor Greg Locke formed his opinion from his numerous travels throughout the years. Before returning to his hometown of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, to be the founding pastor at Global Vision Bible Church, Greg Locke spent more than a decade traveling to 43 states and 15 foreign countries, according to the church’s staff directory page. Greg Locke is a sought-after speaker that enjoys coaching others in personal fitness in addition to his church-related duties.

Dunkin’ Donuts reignited the furor around the Starbucks holiday cup issue with their own release this week. On the Today show, the anchors discussed the Dunkin’ Donuts holiday cup that has a design including the word “Joy” in between an octagon border of with snowy and plain pine needles. The anchors bantered about the cups in a 45-second video that can be seen here.

What do you think about the video Pastor Greg Locke posted about the Starbucks holiday cup controversy? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Photo via Pastor Greg Locke/Facebook]

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