Gavin Rossdale’s Alleged Gay Lover Speaks Out Amid Nanny Cheating Scandal

It was reported earlier this week that Gavin Rossdale cheated on Gwen Stefani with their nanny, Mindy Mann. Now, new reports are claiming that the British rock star’s alleged gay lover is speaking out yet again amid the scandal.

Gavin Rossdale’s alleged gay lover Marilyn, who was born Peter Robinson, has a lot to say. His claim to fame was the release of his debut album Despite Straight Lines in the 1980s. He told Radar Online that it was around the same time that he and Rossdale had an affair. Marilyn calls Rossdale the “love of his life” and says that the Bush front man has a horrible track record when it comes to relationships.

“It’s about being true to yourself and not being a phony. It’s about Gavin. All of this pretending it didn’t happen and keeping it a secret, that’s really old.”

This shocking revelation comes out after this week’s Us Weekly claims that Gavin Rossdale and the nanny of his children, Mindy Mann, had a three-year affair behind Gwen Stefani’s back. He even reportedly left Stefani’s side to continue his passionate affair with the nanny. There were also shocking revelations that the nanny was copying the No Doubt singer’s unique sense of style. Reports then claimed that Stefani caught them in the act and filed for divorce this past summer. But Marilyn claims that Rossdale isn’t being true to himself, no matter what the tabloids say.

“If you betray who you are, you don’t live a happy life. Just be honest and real and yourself.”

The fallen popstar also says that he will release a song “about Gavin” and will talk about his constant infidelity.

“It’s about him going to the altar and getting married and having a relationship still going with me.”

This isn’t the first time that Gavin Rossdale’s alleged gay lover has spoken out about their relationship. Back in August after the news about Rossdale and Stefani’s shocking split shocked the world, the London singer spoke with Entertainment Tonight’s sister network The Insider and revealed that the two spoke on the phone.

Gavin Rossdale, Gwen Stefani
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“I’m getting the kind of the gist that people want me to be somehow to blame for the marriage split and that’s not true. I love Gavin. I’ve always loved Gavin. I want him to be happy and Gwen to be happy and the kids to be happy.”

Marilyn says he wasn’t shocked about the couple’s divorce announcement like their fans were. According to ET and The Insider, Robinson met Rossdale when the two were aspiring musicians in the London club scene. The singer claims that their friendship turned romantic, but they have stayed in touch over the years.

“We were very close for a very long time. How do I say this without saying it – we were very, very close.”

After their relationship ended, Robinson revealed that he even attended Stefani and Rossdale’s 2002 wedding in London. He believes that Rossdale’s ex-wife and No Doubt front woman knew about their affair. Robinson could even feel Stefani’s eyes on him all night long when he was at their wedding.

As for Gavin Rossdale, he has kept quiet about his personal life, including his sexuality. During his 2010 interview with Details magazine, he admitted that he experimented as a teen, but he kept coy about revealing his sexuality these days.

“You’re learning about life. It’s part of growing up. That’s it. No more, no less.”

Gavin Rossdale
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Oddly enough, that timing does correlate to the photos of Gavin with his alleged gay lover. Photos of the rocker from when he was 17-years-old emerged back in November of 2010. One of the photos showed Gavin and Marilyn embracing each other as they wear matching white head-to-toe ensembles.

There’s no doubt that the rumors about Gavin Rossdale’s current affair with Mindy Mann won’t die down anytime soon. While Robinson has accused of Rossdale of infidelity in their own relationship, he says he doesn’t want to read into the reports about his cheating.

“What goes on in their house and in their marriage is between them. At the end of the day, it’s speculation.”

But their alleged affair has no affect on the musician’s current affairs. As Gwen Stefani “blames” herself for his alleged affair with their nanny, Gavin Rossdale is hoping to “reconcile” with the ska singer after she ends her relationship with Blake Shelton.

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