Karolina Kurkova And Her Husband Welcome Their Second Child

Supermodel Karolina Kurkova and her husband, Archie Drury, have welcomed their second child: It’s a boy!

In a statement via MSN, a rep for the model confirmed that Karolina and Archie’s son Tobin is now a big brother to a bouncing baby boy.

“Supermodel Karolina Kurkova has given birth to a healthy, beautiful baby boy with her husband, Archie Drury. The baby joins his older brother Tobin who is ecstatic over the family’s addition. Mommy and baby are doing well.”

As of this writing, the baby’s name and exact date of birth haven’t been revealed.

In July, the 31-year-old Kurkova announced on Instagram that she was pregnant for the second time by showing off a picture of her growing baby bump.

“Thank you so much for the sweet messages and wishes from all over the globe. I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you. #KKBaby2”

Since announcing that she was expecting, Karolina has been having fun with her pregnancy, sharing on Instagram her growing belly, and talking about what being a mom for the second time means to her and her family. Just last week, Kurkova posted a picture of the family hanging out at the beach, with the then-38 weeks pregnant Karolina somehow managing to pull off wearing a bikini.

Tobin, it seems, is excited about being a big brother, Karolina told People just a couple of weeks ago.

“He’s very excited. He has a lot of friends who have two or three [siblings] so he sees it a lot and he knows how it works. He’s very excited and he’s going through his own little transition too. He’s looking at pictures of himself when he was a baby.”

Karolina has fond memories of growing up with her own brother back in the Czech Republic.

“I do have a younger brother so I know, but I think it’s a different thing when you’re a parent and you see your children’s relationship, and see how they bond. I’m really looking forward to that.”

Born in what was then Czechoslovakia in 1984, Kurkova was made fun of by other girls for her unusual height, according to Pop Sugar. However, by age 15, she’d been noticed by modeling agencies in Prague, and within a few years she’d signed a contract with Gucci.

“When I started modeling. I kind of started to understand my body and myself, and starting to appreciate that. Because growing up, I was very different, I was very—people always used to look at me and point at me because I was very tall and very long. I was different, so I wasn’t very comfortable with the way I looked. So definitely through modeling and being in front of the camera and people, I got my confidence. I’m actually okay, it’s okay to be different. And you have to really learn how to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are. Otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy because you won’t ever be happy.”

Besides her modeling career, Kurkova has made a few TV appearances, including America’s Next Top Model, Person of Interest, and 30 Rock on this side of the Atlantic, and Germany’s Next Top Model on the other side. She’s also done charity work for God’s Love, We Deliver, a New York City charity that delivers meals to people too sick to shop or cook, and for Born Free Africa, a charity combating mother-to-child HIV transmission in Africa.

In 2009, Karolina was diagnosed with a form of hypothyroidism, which, among other symptoms, caused weight fluctuations and symptoms of premature menopause.

As of this post, Karolina Kurkova has not announced when she will reveal her new baby’s name.

[Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images]

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