Gavin Rossdale Wants To Focus On His Kids After Nanny Scandal Emerges

A bombshell hit Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani, when it was recently revealed that Rossdale’s three year long romantic relationship with his children’s nanny was the reason behind the couple’s quick divorce.

As the Inquisitr reported, Us Weekly broke the news about the three-year affair between the rocker and a nanny named Mindy Mann. It’s said that the frontman’s wife, Gwen Stefani, discovered that he was having an affair due to an accidental iCloud sync. Apparently, she found dirty text messages that linked up to the family iPad.

In those text messages were sexually explicit messages, including nude photos of Mindy Mann, as well as their meet up spots. At first Rossdale said that nothing happened, and convinced the No Doubt singer to stick it out, but then months later, he apparently confessed to an ongoing affair.

This isn’t the first person that’s been linked to Gavin during his marriage with Stefani. Reports circulated that he was having affairs with several women while out on tour.

That said, the couple probably didn’t see this hitting the news, but thanks to an alleged source close to the family, it did. Now, according to People, in the wake of the nanny scandal, Gavin Rossdale is looking to divert his attention to the scandal, and instead wants to focus on his family and children.

A source close to Rossdale told People that this has been a trying time for the Bush frontman.

“It’s really tough for them. Every day there’s a different story. He is concerned about the kids and wants to keep them safe and is trying to keep all this craziness out of their lives and keep things as normal as possible for them.”

The source continued, “He’s just all about being the best father he can be for them.”

While things seemed to cool down after Stefani released her telling new single, “Used to Love You,” out of nowhere, reports surfaced that she has moved on from Gavin with country star and The Voice colleague Blake Shelton. Since rumors circulated, the two have been spotted multiple times hanging out. Then their rep confirmed that the two were seeing each other.

That said, it sounds like Stefani has been enjoying the new relationship rumors, despite her troubles with her ex. Just the other day she told a San Diego radio station the following.

“I never said nothing about being in a new relationship. I don’t know who said that, but somebody did, and then my kid came in last night to tell me about it. That’s how crazy my life is. People can just say whatever they want, and then they can just believe it.”

According to Hollywood Life, Gavin Rossdale hasn’t been taking the news of their relationship all too well. According to a source close to the situation, Rossdale told Gwen that he was less enthused that they already shared Instagram photos together.

“Gavin gave Gwen a hard time when ‘her people’ went public on her relationship with Blake. He told her not to flaunt her new romance for their kids’ sake. This is partly why she has been downplaying the whole relationship thing.”

“But really, Gavin has no right to shame her or make her feel bad. She is a brilliant mother, and Gavin still knows exactly what buttons to press to make her feel guilty or insecure about her parenting skills. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!”

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