Friday The 13th Mystery Space Junk To Hit Earth: What It Is And How To Watch It

Friday the 13th is traditionally thought to be an ominous, unlucky day. It appears that the superstitions might be correct, and that Friday, November 13 is going to be no exception. USA Today is reporting that a mysterious piece of space debris is expected to fall to Earth near Sri Lanka tomorrow, Friday the 13th.

The mysterious Friday the 13th space junk re-entry is expected to take place mostly above the Indian Ocean, with the object believed to be on track to enter the Earth’s atmosphere at 11:49 a.m. local time (1:19 a.m. Eastern). The mystery Friday the 13th object has been dubbed WT1190F, and while no one can 100 percent confirm exactly what it is, many are speculating that it’s possibly a discarded rocket body. Keep in mind that the Earth’s orbit is littered with debris from satellites and space exploration missions.

NASA representation of space junk
[Photo by NASA/Getty Images]

While the Friday the 13th mystery object is not anticipated to cause any damage or be a threat to life or property, serious precautions are being taken. The public has been assured that the mystery Friday the 13th object will most likely burn up completely, with whatever scraps that survive falling harmlessly into the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean is precisely the area that is being handled with an abundance of caution while the world awaits the arrival of the mystery Friday the 13th space junk. The Sri Lankan Ministry of Defense is shutting down both the seas and the skies in the area. On Friday, November 13, a no-fly zone will be implemented in the area, and the Southern sea area will be closed to fishing.

It certainly seems like a lot of trouble for an object that is expected to be mostly (if not totally) incinerated by the Earth’s atmosphere.

Despite expectations that the object will mostly burn up as it enters the atmosphere, the European Space Agency is letting the public know that locals can expect some mid-day fireworks that should be out-of-this-world.

“Its mass is not sufficient to cause any risk to the area, but the show will still be spectacular, since for a few seconds the object will become quite bright in the mid-day sky.”

If you’re interested in checking out the Friday the 13th mystery object fall to the ground, you’re in luck. Some of the wonderful astronomers at Slooh will be hosting a live viewing of the junk’s earth-bound decline. You can check it out here, starting at 5 a.m. Pacific, Friday, November 13.

Mystery Space Debris
[Photo Courtesy of the European Space Agency]

While the scientific community has repeatedly assured the public that the incoming mystery space object is nothing to be concerned about, you’d better believe that there are some who believe the government’s are not being straight with the masses. They have renamed object WT1190F “WTF space object,” and they have a myriad of explanations as to its origins.

Is it the first probe of an incoming alien fleet? Does it have something to do with the mysterious alien clouds that appeared over South Africa last weekend? Maybe that mysterious flying object that lit up the U.S. West Coast, the one the Navy labeled a “test launch”?

It’s tough to say. Unless it does something totally inexplicable and undeniable when it falls to its demise, we’re going to have to accept the official story. I mean, they’re shutting down the air space and the water space. If you’re not already in the know, chances are you’re not going to get an update that conflicts with the official story.

Heavy is reporting that the Friday the 13th mystery object is possibly even a relic from the Apollo Missions, which would be of interest to governments and scientists around the world. Let’s just hope that whatever it is, it falls to the earth as harmlessly as expected and doesn’t fall victim to the bad luck of Friday the 13th.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

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