‘Castle’ Spoilers: Castle And Beckett’s Relationship And More About LokSat

It hasn’t been an easy start to Castle Season 8 for Rick and Kate, and with Beckett looking into LokSat and wanting to protect her husband, she’s pushed him away. Still, that hasn’t stopped him from trying to win her back by working cases together, which is how they got together in the first place, but how long can the show have the couple separated?

Well, the next Castle Season 8 episode is “The Last Seduction,” in which Castle plans to surprise Beckett on their one-year wedding anniversary. As photos, like the one below, have shown, his plans to surprise her include balloons, confetti and a big “Happy Anniversary” banner in her office. Will it work?

Castkett in Castle 807
Castle’s anniversary surprise for Beckett. [Image via ABC]
As the promo for Episode 7 shows, Castle tells her that he can’t bear to spend their anniversary (look at that event reminder!) without her, but what’s that last bit about a divorce? That has to be a misdirect, right?

Given what executive producer Alexi Hawley told TVGuide.com about Castle and Beckett’s relationship, that divorce comment being a misdirect seems very likely.

“We’re committed to this relationship the same way they’re committed to this relationship. There’s room for some conflict and drama, but at the end of the day they’re both way too in love to let it go or walk away.”

Now, do those sound like the words of an EP preparing for potential fallout from the fan reaction if they seriously went through Rick and Kate divorcing? Not at all. And even so, even if divorce were potentially on the table, would Beckett really be seriously thinking about it on their wedding anniversary, considering she still loves him?

But something does have to give in Castle and Beckett’s relationship right now – they can really only go on like this for so long – especially after Detective Slaughter offered Rick some advice after they teamed up in the latest episode. Whatever Beckett was going through, she shouldn’t be doing it alone, he said, advising the author to “quit asking permission.” “I lost my wife ’cause I wasn’t man enough to put her needs ahead of mine,” he explained. “Don’t make the same mistake.” It seems like that advice could lead to Castle eventually finding out just what Beckett is up to and perhaps the mystery of LokSat, right?

As for the episode after the next one, “Mr. and Mrs. Castle,” the season’s fall finale (airing November 23), Hawley revealed that it moves things forward.

“We definitely move the ball down the field in terms of the conspiracy and the effect it’s having on their relationship. It ends with the promise of what’s to come in a way that people will be excited about.”

That can act as further proof that any comments about a divorce shouldn’t be of any concern to fans.

TVLine has a bit more detail about that fall finale from the EP.

“Ultimately what she’s trying to do is find a way to get to LokSat through the drugs … That drug pipeline is still open, so if she can match the unique fingerprint of that heroin to a different dealer or a different distribution hub, then she knows she’s close to LokSat.”

But will Beckett perhaps have any more information about LokSat in the next episode as well? One of the photos out (below) shows Vikram in her office (and as the one above shows, he gets to be a witness to Castle’s anniversary surprise); is he there to give her new intel he’s uncovered, or is his presence unrelated to LokSat (or at least new information)?

Castle's Sunkrish Bala
Vikram in Castle Season 8 Episode 7. [Image via ABC]
Castle Season 8 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

[Image via ABC]

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