David Hasselhoff Even Stranger Than Normal In New Lean Pockets Commercial

If you didn’t think it was possible to make David Hasselhoff more strange than he already is you were wrong! The team at Lean Pockets has transformed the Knight Rider actor into “Mr. Lean.”

Günther “Mr. Lean” Hasselhoff is the German-accented cousin of David Hasselhoff and the spokesman for the Nestle diet sandwich brand. In the ad the Hoff and Mr. Lean try to persuade a burger eating female to let go of her food for a nice Lean Pocket. Should the female decide to keep her burger she’ll end up with the hairy backed Harry Blutabluecco and give birth to a whole house full of hairy children.

Nestle has been dropping Mr. Lean videos on its YouTube channel and they have received over 1 million views on the ad spot featured below, likely a result of people saying to their friends “you have to see this odd train wreck.”

This is not the first time that Nestle has scored a viral hit with a Youtube ad. Recently Hot Pockets broke big on YouTube thanks to Toby “Tobuscus” Turner who made his own manic pitch to buyers.

The prospect of turning a strange, funny or unique ad into a huge viral movement that revives a brand has been examined since Old Spice turned their brand into a relevant option once again, it looks like other company’s are now following in Old Spice’s digital footprints.

Here’s the David Hasselhoff / Mr. Lean viral video ad:

[iframe src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/WhgM5-mQCF8? width=”560? height=”315?]

“Lifestyles of the freaky furry family” actually sounds like a reality TV show that would feature the David Hasselhoff family.

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