Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Is Tim Tebow Really An Option As Losing Streak Continues?

The current NFL regular season is only halfway over, and it’s already seen a large share of starting quarterbacks go down due to injury. Some QBs, such as Drew Brees, only missed one game. Others, such as Ben Roethlisberger, have missed games here and there with multiple injuries. Then there is Tony Romo, who has been out for almost two months. With that, are the Dallas Cowboys really looking at Tim Tebow as an option as their losing streak continues?

In the past week alone, two starting quarterbacks have gone down with an injury. They happen to be the quarterbacks of two AFC teams that are easily fighting for a playoff spot. So far, Tebow has been connected to both teams by rumors.

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ESPN reported that Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is going to miss two-to-six weeks with a lacerated kidney and partially torn abdominal muscle. Veteran Matt Hasselbeck will start for the Colts, who lead the AFC South with a record of 4-5.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are wondering if they will have to do without Ben Roethlisberger again for a few games like they did earlier this season. He sat out Wednesday’s practice, and Behind the Steel Curtain reported that head coach Mike Tomlin said the door is left open for Roethlisberger to possibly play on Sunday.

Landry Jones will start for the Steelers if Roethlisberger can’t go on Sunday, with Michael Vick as his back-up.

Tim Tebow has been linked to both teams in the past week as rumors have flown around that he could join them to help out. Still, nothing has happened and Tebow remains a free agent without a team as he continues work as a football analyst.

There is still the wonder, though, if Tebow could help out the faltering Dallas Cowboys since Tony Romo is scheduled to be out at least 10 more days. He is eligible to return against the Miami Dolphins on November 22, but that also depends on if he’s healthy enough to play.

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Back in late September, the Cowboys were rumored to really be looking at Tim Tebow as an option. That was after Brandon Weeden had simply lost one game to the Atlanta Falcons. The Cowboys went on to lose two more with Weeden as their starting quarterback before they put in Matt Cassel.

Since then, Cassel has lost three in a row as well.

The Dallas Cowboys are 2-6 with a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-5) coming up this Sunday. After that, it’s the Dolphins on November 22 and the Carolina Panthers on Thanksgiving Day. It’s believed that if Romo isn’t back next week, he will be ready by the game with the Panthers.

Still, the season is not yet lost and can be salvaged if they can win now. Tim Tebow would not only provide a big spark of attention to the Cowboys in a positive light, but he also can’t hurt. With Weeden and Cassel having the Cowboys in a six-game losing streak, what could it hurt?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn’t seem to think there is anything that will keep Romo off the field against the Dolphins, the Star-Telegram reported.

“When he gets on the field against Miami, and it most assuredly will be at this juncture, there’s no set of circumstances that we wouldn’t play him and play him with hopes of winning that game and winning the rest of the ballgames. I think not only our game but sports in general, if you’ve got an opportunity, if you got a chance to win this thing, then you take it.

“I know I’m talking in generalities, but specifically, we have a team that could really, from the standpoint of the personnel that’s on the field, really be a top team as we get into the last half of this season. We want to show our fans that.”

Maybe that’s true, and maybe Tony Romo will play against the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys won’t need to look at Tim Tebow to start for them. Either way, they still may want to look at him as a possible back-up for Romo since it’s obvious that neither Brandon Weeden nor Matt Cassel are working out too well.

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