‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer Reportedly ‘Suicidal’ After Losing Custody

Leah Messer, star of MTV’s hit reality show Teen Mom 2, is feared to be suicidal after losing a long, nasty custody battle over her twin girls, Ali and Aleeah, to her ex-husband, Corey Simms, just last month.

Although Messer seems to be keeping a good attitude on her very active Twitter page despite the custodial loss of her twin girls, sources close to the Teen Mom fear that she is so depressed that she may be suicidal.

“Leah seems deeply depressed, and everyone is very concerned,” an insider close to the family confessed to Radar Online. “She can’t imagine life without her girls.”

Leah Messer’s own mother, Dawn Spears, the source revealed, is particularly concerned about her daughter’s mental well-being, claiming that Dawn has been asking friends for any advice on how to help her daughter.

Another source close to Messer believes that the young mom, who has already been divorced twice, is being further hurt by her inability to “come clean” to her close friends about her struggle with her emotions and her past drug use. Just this last summer, Messer spent a month in an inpatient rehabilitation facility, being treated for depression and anxiety.

“It’s obvious that she has struggled with pills, but she refuses to talk about it,” said the source. “If she won’t be honest, how is she ever going to truly get better?”

Messer has been taking prescription painkillers since giving birth to her third daughter, Addie, in 2013, until her stint in the inpatient rehab facility this summer, and it still seems unclear as to whether or not Messer is completely clean as of today.

In fact, the drug abuse was one of the reasons that Messer’s ex, Simms, along with his current wife, Miranda, sought custody. The two often accused Messer of abusing drugs and being a bad mother to the twin girls. And in October, a judge gave primary custody of the two girls to Corey and his wife. Messer gets time with the girls only on the weekends, which has been a devastating blow.

Corey Simms and his current wife, Miranda. [Image via Teen Mom Junkie]
Corey Simms and his current wife, Miranda. [Image via Teen Mom Junkie]
In fact, in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, that’s exactly how Messer described it.

“It was like a slap in the face,” Messer said of the moment it was decided that her ex-husband would have custody of their twin girls. But, Messer says, she is going to continue to fight for her girls. In fact, she told Us, one of the reasons for the custody decision, Messer claims, is that Simms accused her of not getting their daughters to kindergarten on time — that the girls were consistently tardy or absent.

But Messer insisted that this was not true.

“I talked to the superintendent,” she adds, “and I’m sending them the [time-stamped] pictures I took to prove the girls were not tardy. They’re going to take them off.”

Messer has made claims that Simms only wanted custody of the girls for financial reasons, noting that when she had custody, Simms had to pay her $800 a month for child support.

“I think child support has a lot to do with [his motivations],” she told Us Weekly.

In addition to claiming that Simms’ move was financially-driven, Messer claims that the girls are “miserable” living with their father, and that they miss their mother during the week.

“Aleeah’s talked about running away,” she says.

She has also filed a motion to the court to reconsider the recent custody change, and states that she hopes to eventually share joint custody with her ex and his wife Miranda, who are expecting their own child this January. And despite all the talk that her ex-husband’s custody motives were financially driven, it seems as if her own money motives are now under scrutiny — it’s reported that she allegedly took $20,000 from the girls’ trust fund. For more on that Teen Mom drama, click here.

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