Glitter Roots Hair Trend Is All The Rage, Better Than Rainbow Roots

The Internet has definitely contributed a lot to making certain fashion styles and trends become popular. Once a new thing begins to trend online, it usually spreads like wildfire especially among those who often engage in social media.

This may also be the case for the recent hairstyling trend – Glitter Roots.

The usual trends in hairstyling include colors, curls, and other types of haircuts. Lottie Tomlinson (who also happens to be the half-sister of One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson) started a new trend called Rainbow Roots, which entails applying various rainbow colors to the base of the hair, near the follicles, in order to create a head-turning effect.

However, Glitter Roots aims to make hairstyling not just unique, but easy. All you would need is some glitter and hair pomade to make the style work. The purpose of the style is to cover the hair roots with glitter, resulting in a unique appearance.

Unlike the Rainbow Roots technique which requires the expertise of a professional hairstylist or someone who is familiar with coloring, Glitter Roots can be done by anyone who has access to a mirror.

While the materials needed are not expensive or difficult to find, the challenge here is that the person should be able to apply the pomade evenly and concisely. The recommended area to apply pomade is from the hair roots up to an inch away from the scalp.

How To Get The Glitter Roots Look

Glitter can be applied to hair by using a paint brush. Add more glitter by using the fingertips to fill spaces and gaps. Some pictures of the Glitter Roots style show trendsetters applying glitter on the top part of their head, while other apply it on top of their forehead near the hairline.

There are a number of options that fashionistas may try to use, which include the use of larger glitters, small stars, and other shapes that can easily be found in art and crafts supply stores.

Even celebrities have joined the trend. Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale shared her photo of her Glitter Roots style on Instagram a couple of days ago, which immediately gained a lot of attention.

Currently, the Instagram post already has over 283,000 likes, and has garnered more than 3,400 comments.

She used silver-colored glitter and small stars to complete the galaxy-inspired style. She matched her silver theme to her magenta-colored hair for maximum effect.

Whatever hair length and style one has such as twin buns or pigtails, the Glitter Roots look is an easy fix to hide those pesky roots.

The new hair fashion trend is also recommended to be worn at night during parties or when attending other social events. Lights would hit the glitter pieces, resulting in a sparkly effect coming from the person’s crown.

In contrast, the effect may not be that dramatic if the Glitter Roots was worn during the day.

Unfortunately, like all other fashion trends, the newest sensation does come with a price, although not exactly a major one. People who want to sport the Glitter Roots look will have to deal with a few days of leftover glitter on their pillows, headrests, and even their shoulders.

A single application and rinsing of shampoo may not be enough to take away all of the glitter. Because of this, the hair trend may not be advisable to worn on a daily basis.

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