WWE Rumor: Seth Rollins Set To Wrestle Triple H Upon Return, Possibly At ‘SummerSlam’

Seth Rollins’ recent knee injury has thrown a wrench into WWE’s plans for the next several months, and especially their plans for WrestleMania 32, which was going to be where Seth Rollins finally faced off with Triple H.

Many have believed for the last seven months that Triple H would end up wrestling The Rock in Dallas next spring. However, according to the Wrestling Observer, WWE creative has been told that The Rock won’t be able to wrestle on the show.

So with The Rock and Triple H match not happening, WWE shifted its focus to building towards Triple H vs. Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 32, which is a match that everyone assumed would happen at some point, but no one knew exactly when.

The Observer reported on Wednesday that WWE was planning on having Rollins lose the WWE World Heavyweight Title to Roman Reigns at Survivor Series later this month. Following his loss, Rollins would begin building toward a match with Triple H at WrestleMania 32. However, Rollins’ knee injury forced WWE to change the Triple H match yet again, but this time no one really knows who “The Game’s” opponent will be.

Rollins vs Triple H

“The Rollins injury means that Triple H’s opponent for WrestleMania has now changed twice in a short period of time. Triple H vs. Rollins, which was always a planned destination when Rollins was given the pedigree as his finisher and linked so strongly with him, had just replaced Triple H vs. The Rock as one of the planned Mania main events.”

Now, Cageside Seats is reporting that Seth Rollins will likely return to action next summer as a babyface, and then the build to his match with Triple H will begin, which will culminate in a match between the two at SummerSlam in August of 2016.

Rollins underwent successful knee surgery to repair a torn ACL, MCL, and a torn meniscus on Tuesday, and he released the following statement concerning his injury, and how he’ll handle being away from wrestling over the next eight to nine months.

“I was sunset flipping over the top of Kane, something I’ve done a million times, and when I flipped over, for whatever reason, I landed on the inside of my right foot instead of flat, and my knee just caved in.”

“I’ve never had this much time off from WWE, or wrestling in general so it’s going to be an entirely new process for me. To step back, and really be able to rebuild myself as a person, mentally and physically is a good opportunity, and I want to make the most out of the time off that I’m going to have.”

Seth Rollins knee surgery
Image via WWE

Dr. Jeffrey Douglas, who was one of the doctors who operated on Rollins’ knee, said that the severity level or Rollins’ injury is fairly high due to the torn ACL, MCL, and the severe damage that he did to his meniscus. But, with that said, Dr. Douglas expects Rollins to be back in action within six to nine months.

If Rollins is able to recover quickly, and is able to return at the six month mark, that would set him up for a May return, which would be a month after WrestleMania 32. If it’s nine months to a year, he’ll return between July and November of next year at the very latest.

As previously mentioned, there is already some talk of having Rollins return to the company as a babyface, as WWE doesn’t have any plans for Triple H to turn any time soon. Also, the original idea for Rollins vs. Triple H was for Rollins to enter the match as the fan-favorite, so WWE likely won’t change things around upon his return.

[Image via WWE]

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