Jason Priestly Hospitalized After Scary Fall From A Horse

Add Jason Priestly to the list of celebrities with bad accidents from misadventure. Priestly has never been one to shy away from adventure and, as a result, has been involved in a race car accident and now a horseback riding incident. Hopefully, he will soon realize he is not getting any younger and that stunts should be left to the stuntmen.

Priestly was recently in the news, according to the Inquisitr, when Tori Spelling dragged him back in with another one of her desperate attempts for attention and a payday. After the Beverly Hills 90210 Unauthorized movie (which seemed to again have signs of Spelling’s heavy hand), Tori Spelling appeared on a Tori Spelling Lie Detector special, where she revealed that she had sex with Priestly while filming 90210, in addition to throwing others under the bus. Priestly responded by saying he didn’t watch either show but was disturbed by both and thought it was distasteful that Spelling chose to discuss these things publicly so many years after. Spelling also disclosed that she sold Priestly’s wedding invitation at a yard sale. Priestly said he has nothing but love for 90210, but he thought the rest of Spelling’s behavior was distasteful.

TMZ reported that Jason Priestly took a tumble on the set of the television show The Code but that he is doing okay. It seems Priestly was riding at a good speed when he was thrown off the horse.

“We’re told he fell hard Monday and then beelined it for the ER. He stayed in the hospital overnight because he says he has a history of concussions and a neurologist needed to noodle over the impact of the fall. Turns out he did indeed suffer another concussion.”

This is not Priestly’s first neurological incident. In 2002, Priestly fractured his spine and suffered a concussion in Kentucky while car racing.

According to Us Magazine, Priestly was pleased that so many fans reached out as a result of his head injury.

“Hey guys, thanks for all the kind words…” the actor, 46, wrote. “It’s true, I did get thrown off a horse on set… I got my bell rung pretty good… Because I have a history of concussions, they took me to see a neurologist for an assessment. He advised I take a few days off as I had suffered a concussion… But I am definitely on the mend and looking forward to getting back to work with all the wonderful people on The Code.”

Priestly’s last incident in the car crash caused him to technically be dead for 45 seconds. In addition to the concussion and the spinal fracture, he also fractured his skull in several places, literally ripped his nose off of his face, and broke both feet. The near-fatal crash took a toll on Priestly, and the recovery time was intense.

“I actually checked out,” he recalled. “And for some reason I got sent back. I got returned… They tell me that when they were pulling me out of the car and they pulled my helmet off, my nose was pushed so far up into my forehead, they could actually see into my sinuses. And look into my head.”

Priestly is expected to make a full recovery, but when someone has a history of concussion, they need to be evaluated closely.

Do you think Jason Priestly should stay away from stunts?

[Photo by Ryan Emberley/AP]

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